WWII Fortress Defense, German 7th Panzer Division Advances | Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Gameplay



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  1. Fast as the wind, the invasion has begun

    Shaking the ground with the force of thousand guns

    First in the line of fire, first into hostile land

    Tanks leading the way, leading the way

    Charging the lines with the force of a furious storm

    Fast as the lighting phantoms swarm

    200 miles at nightfall, taken within a day

    Thus earning their name, earning the fame

    They are the Panzer Elite, born to compete, never retreat (Ghost Division)

    Leaving or dead, always ahead, fed by your dread

    Always ahead, as the Blitzkrieg rages on

    Breaking morale the with the sound of blazing guns

    First in the line of fire, first into hostile land

    Tanks leading the way, leading the way

    Leaving a trail of destruction to a foreign land

    (Waging war with conviction)

    Massive assault made to serve the Nazi plan

    (Wehrmacht's pride, ghost division)

    Communication's broken, phantom's are far away

    Thus earning their name, earning the fame

    They are the Panzer Elite, born to compete, never retreat (Ghost Division)

    Leaving or dead, always ahead, fed by your dread

    Pushing the frontline forth with a tremendous force

    (Far ahead, breaks resistance)

    Reaching the way for panzer corps

    (Shows no fear, self-subsistent)

    First in the line of fire, first into hostile land

    Thus earning the name, claiming the fame

    They are the panzer elite, born to compete, never retreat (ghost division)

    Leaving or dead, always ahead, fed by your dread

    Panzer elite, born to compete, never retreat (ghost division)

    Leaving or dead, always ahead, fed by your dread

  2. ──────────██████

    My salute

  3. Very busy at work so I'm sorry I don't have time to watch whole video. I did leave a like. What is the name of this mod?

  4. hey Raptor your videos are awesome. I would love to play the games you play but you always show me better game play than i would ever do. Let's get this video to 500 likes!

  5. The mortars was damaged.
    Fire from the castle is an excellent position for the sniper and mortar.

    Thanx for this scenario, didnt knew it was updated, playd it myself when it was new and thought it was really good.

    Good Raptor, go get them nasty allied now 😁

  6. Crazy stuff like soldiers wandering through enemy lines happened all the time in war. War is pure chaos. During the Battle of Verdun, Fort Douaumont, the largest and highest fortress and key stronghold of the city, was only guarded by 56 Frenchmen since it hadn't received reinforcements yet. A single squad of German soldiers, mistaken for returning French colonial troops in the bad weather, penetrated through all its defensive rings and found the machine-gun bunkers were unmanned. Pioneer-Sergeant Kunze crawled through one's window, opened the door, and wandered the halls with his rifle until he captured the artillery team. Another German squad made it inside and they just walked around the giant fort until they'd captured all the French defenders without a single shot. After the Germans fully manned the fort, the French Army lost 100,000 men taking it back.

  7. Raptor, you should use HE against the light French tanks as it instantly hull damages them. Surprisingly mortars also work against the lighter tanks but the ones you captured have a grey picture meaning they are damaged beyond repair which is why they won't fire. Also once you take the town buy the flack 88 asap because it is a must in order to destroy the B1bis and the other heavy French tank that I forgot the name of that show up later in the mission. I loved this mod before it was unplayable and I am very excited to see you play this gem of a mod.


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