Why Ghost Division? What did Rommel do?


Why was Rommel’s 7. Panzerdivision called Gespensterdivsion – “Ghost Division”? From all we know it earned this name during the Battle of France.

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Song: Ethan Meixsell – Demilitarized Zone

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  2. Very good….for me reckless sums him up…obviously a very good divisional commander but gẻneral no no no…reminds me of patton…if u have a attack dog u must have it on a vẻy short lead or it's mỏe trouble than it's worth

  3. sorry fot the ultra late comment, but sometimes i think, he only was so succesful because he wasn't awary of the risks he took…

  4. If this only happened once then yes you can say he was lucky but it happened many times especially in North Africa … he had a weird sense of micro management when it was needed!

  5. It's such a shame that Rommel was on the wrong side in WWII. Would have been nice to have all of his ridiculous exploits working in favour of the Allies instead.

  6. German high command: hold we’ll break the enemy line tomorrow morning
    Rommel disappears
    Rommel reappears
    German high command: I thought we told you to hold
    Rommel: I thought you said break the lines by morning

  7. rommel sounds like a guy who would just run to the enemy spawn point at the beginning of a match and just spawnkill everyone

  8. Just like Stonewall Jackson was given his nickname because he was unresponsive in his first battle not because he was tough.

  9. For the three french ideals- liberty equality and fraternity
    We present three present German realities-stuka penzars and blitzkrieg

  10. All the Rommel and Sabaton memes aside, I am donating a genitalia to this channel for that Mighty Jingles reference!

  11. The more i think of it the more rommel seems like a charles the 12th with tanks. I mean they both were daring, bold, sometimes reckless, loved to take the enemy by surprise, didn´t care if they were outnumbered and got greatly feared by their enemies.

  12. maybe Rommel hated nazis, wanted to desert and join French… but when they saw him they just surrendered (not serious 😉 )

  13. The real answer is that Ghost Division sounds cool as fuck and, once coined, was guaranteed to stick regardless of how ghostly that division was in actual fact


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