Tor Browser Latest Version 9: How to Install & Setup Safely (2020)


How to Use Tor Browser Latest Version 9 (2020). In this video, I take you through an updated version of my beginner’s guide to the Tor Browser. I show how to download Tor, why you should use a VPN, as well as some helpful tips. I also explain how you can access the Tor network using your Andriod or iOS device.

► Protect yourself with a VPN from ExpressVPN:

► Brave Browser:

► Tor for iOS:

► Best Dark Web Websites to Get Started:

► Beginners Guide to Tor Browser:

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  1. ► Protect yourself with a VPN from ExpressVPN:
    ► Brave Browser:
    ► Tor for iOS:
    ► Best Dark Web Websites to Get Started:
    ► Beginners Guide to Tor Browser:

  2. I'm able to download the tor browser app but when I try to opening tor the security futures on my laptop are saying "The application wasn't downloaded on the APP STORE and thus shuts down and closes tor automatically. Can someone tell me as to why or how to go about this.

  3. In my Pc after installing tor and connect it then a error shows actually in startup "Gah. your tab crashed " please give me a fix

  4. If you cant access the tor site.use the duck duck go through or mozilla! You don't need a vpn on with tor.WTF? If you've payed for a vpn.Turn bk on when you google.thought this was a biggers video.Can someone tell me why would you use a vpn in tor.Will it run quicker perhaps??? Just sayin.!!!Our little onion is a priceless tool!

  5. I heard the VPN actually does store your data, and that most all of those VPN companies would glady give that info to the feds or whoever with a warrant…could be wrong, they sounded like they knew what they were talking about though.

  6. If tor is censored in my country, can I just opt to request a bridge from the configuration settings before startup? and not use a vpn?

  7. Hey its me again.
    the one guy who asked about using extra vpn's with tor.
    I like how all of tthe sudden in a few months i'm now an it proffesional lol.
    i'm going to show how certain attacls are created and use my own devices to phish each other.(i'm nit actually going to want to "hack" an inoccent person lol. i dont like that…to me its just creepy XD.)
    scan eavh other's i.p's and i'll show the results with a normal device
    vs a vpn
    And vs orbot/tor. And i'll explain thr function aswell.
    I hope people will understand how it
    I just thought of this lol.

    By the way aint never gonna unsubb
    This channel encouraged me to learn more.

    thumbs up!

    Edit: or i think it was extra proxy's…i'm not sure lol


    If you're going to go onto the dark web, here are some things you need:

    A VPN – Link in Desc or

    NORD –

    PROTON –

    And depending on what you're going on – A Virual Machine.

    VM –

    Stay safe xoxo


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