Top 10 English Otome Games


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  1. Am I the one that will play an Otome game for Valentine's Day, cause I am scared of talking to my crush? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

  2. 1. Mystic messenger
    2. Mr love: queens choice
    3. Ikemen Sengoku: Romance across time
    4. Obey me
    5. Princess closet

    trust me these are the best ones!

  3. Personally, I think cheritz makes amazing otome games. I love mystic messenger and the art of all three games is so beautiful.

  4. Other games I'd recommend:

    * Cinderella Phenomenon (free on steam)
    * Nightshade ( especially if you enjoyed Hakuoki)
    *London Detective Mysteria
    *Collar x Malice
    * Seduce Me (free on steam)

  5. Y’all there are also some others I play I don’t know if you guys will like them but,
    •Ikémen Revolution
    •Ikémen Sengoku
    •Ikémen Vampire
    •Midnight Cinderella
    •Mystic Messenger
    •Lost Alice/Shall we date?

  6. OK I am super confused😅 I have seen Hakuoki and Amnesia as anime but I didn't know they were actually Otome games! Did this happen before the anime or after?

  7. Another bunch of good otome games are the Genius INC games they are so good also Diabolik Lovers is amazing

  8. Nameless was the first otome game I picked up, I'm glad that I have amazing taste 😉 I played the first 2 routes about 2 years ago and then left for a little while, now I'm restarting and doing all the routes again to relive it and WOW the replay value of this game is amazing! I'm a Lance stan 💙

  9. Backstage Pass by sakevisual and Seven Kingdoms the Princess Problem(7kpp)(extended demo till week 5) by Azalynestudios! Edit: THE ART IS GORGEOUS DO CHECK THEM OUT. (Like seriously, I hate to admit it but I judge the art pretty harshly and won't even play some games/pursue some characters because I didn't like the art)

    I'm surprised that Backstage Pass isn't mentioned often in the comments since it is fully voiced in english but it is really nice, and that's saying something since I've played Cinderella Phenomenon, Mystic Messenger, Dandelion, Hakuoki Edo Blossom and Kyoto Winds, Cinders, Re: Alistair, Amnesia Memories, The Rose of Segunda, Rockrobin, XOXO Droplets, Aloners, a2 a due, Seduce Me. There's a lot more but I can't think of them right now.

    Trust me, you'll love them. They are pretty stat-raising in a way, but the interactions throughout the game between the characters are quite good (but for 7kpp, oh boy, that truly needs a guide and it won't even be considered cheating since I attempted it for a week without it and died every time)

  10. I love the games in this video!!!…🍀💯😎❤️👏🏻😍👍🏼😱👌🏼😘🥰🙏🏻💑💏💄👄💋

  11. You should have one for otome games on the phone . Like Shall we date series, Ikemen series, Voltage inc games, Mystic messenger, etc

  12. My top 3: 1. CollarXMalice, 2. Hakuouki, 3. Amnesia
    I love otome games by Idea Factory/Design Factory the most :3


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