The Untold Truth Of Popeyes


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In 2017, Restaurant Brands International – which also owns Tim Hortons and Burger King – added Popeyes to their roster. And the announcement sent social media into a tailspin, with everyone wondering whether or not their beloved chicken was changing forever. But how much do fans really know about Popeyes chicken? Turns out there’s more to this chain than a whole lotta Louisiana lovin’. Here’s the untold truth of Popeyes…

OK, not that Popeye | 0:27
Buying back the recipes | 0:58
The thing about those chickens | 1:24
An anti-antibiotic pledge | 1:56
You’re suing for what? | 2:28
That secret spice | 3:13

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  1. I LOVE it when I hear about the STUPID groups in America..there are MILLIONS of them..true that SOME of them works for GOOD cause..but those who works against animal's CRUELTY? .. I am talking about FOOD'S animals such chickens..they want them to live in a LUXURIOUS environment.. IDIOTS, you have over 20 MILLION American HOMELESS and ONE out of THREE spouses are ABUSED on WEEKLY bases if not MORE, and you worry about the life style of a CHICKEN?.. Assuming that I will take you side and (god forbid) I AGREE with you, I still wish to ask you WHO is MORE important to you..chickens or HUMAN? why don't you direct your efforts to OBJECT what your GOVERNMENT is doing (since the end of WW2 till date) to OTHER countries?.. ANYWHERE you see an American soldier means that the people there would end up been STARVING or DEAD and the ENTIRE country will live in a CHAOS for YEARS after your soldiers get back home…and PLEASE don't start your usual BS about spreading DEMOCRACY.. we have SEEN the DEMOCRACY which your soldiers spread in both IRAQ as well as SYRIA after STEALING their OIL and after FORCING them to sell the REMAINING oil ONLY through AMERICAN companies.. on the other hand, we have seen how democracy is NOT an issue for your government when it is about FRIENDS of your government such ad in SAUDI ARABIA at where women only NOW became PERMITTED to DRIVE a car, yet, they still require their HUSBAND'S permit in order to apply for a driving license… so I urge you to REDIRECT your EFFORTS as well as the MILLIONS of DOLLARS that you get from those NAIVE people as donations toward a BETTER cause such as STANDING for the AGGRESSION as well as the DOUBLE MEASURES and THEFT of your governments.

  2. I read this online all your doing is reading a article that i saw online plagiarism in video format. You could at least change it and not read it word for word.

  3. MAYBE,….just has something to do with my local franchise, the Popeye's near me is much more salty and not nearly as tasty as KFC!

  4. Good evening from Tokyo Japan we really need some decent fried chicken just Louisiana style kitchen Popeyes fried chicken right now it’s only available in the US military bases are everywhere!

  5. OK so if you’re going to eat fried chicken or any kind of chicken but these idiots who love animals want to make sure that the chicken is raised in a very friendly family the damn chicken still going to get his head chopped off and cut into pieces and made into yummy fried chicken! If you’re a vegetarian please stay the hell away from our yummy fried chicken or any other food that we want to eat! If you’re such a hard-core vegetarian call make love to beans and potatoes or something!

  6. I do not like Popeys, & especially since everyone has lost their morals & good sense over that sandwich. Just go to Chick-fil-a where the customers act like decent people.


  8. MSG has no flavor actually it's just a cheap preservative, oh and why everyone gets severe headaches from it, is because it blocks blood flow to the brain.


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