The Sims 4 (v1.61.15.1020) Digital Deluxe Edition (ALL IN ONE)


Download The Sims 4 (v1.61.15.1020) Digital Deluxe Edition (ALL IN ONE) Tiny Living Download. February 4th Update Download. All DLC’s & Add-On’s Discovery University Download. If You Enjoyed This Video, Like & Subscribe To See Future Videos!
❗🚨Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game🚨❗
(32-Bit) Legacy Edition is included. 32-Bit user will no longer be able to play new releases of DLC’s including “Discover University” and “Tiny Living”. They will be able to play any new game version release and all previous DLC’s only.

(Version PC

About Game:

The Sims 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. Control smarter Sims with unique appearances, personalities, behaviors, and emotions. Experience new levels of creativity when you sculpt Sims with the powerful Create A Sim and design beautiful homes with tactile, room-based Build Mode. Use The Gallery to browse, share, and download new content without ever leaving your game. Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims and explore your new gameplay possibilities in vibrant neighborhoods that bring your stories to life.

【Includes All DLC’s & Add-On’s】

Total File Size (41.3GB)

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[2] The Sims 4 (v1.61.15.1020) All In One ➜

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If Your Having Issues With CC Mods, Fix & Repair Them Here!

Added support for Tiny Living!

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  1. "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists."

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  2. hello, when i extract there's error in part 7 (The Sims 4EP06ClientFullBuild1.package) and then i tried to download part 7 again but the same thing happen, can you help me?

  3. I download it Three months ago and its work thank u very much❤❤
    When u will put download eco lifestyle for free?

  4. Hi, what should i do if there are missing volume on part 04 and data error the sims 4gp02clientfullbuild0.package? please answer): thankyou! <3

  5. Hi there,can someone help me? When i want to run as administrator it cannt and said that intialization error at start up

  6. Hey I have a question, is this safe to do I want to try to download it but I’m kinda scared since I’ve heard a lot of stuff ab downloading illegal files off the internet.

  7. if I already have a version like in the video, do I have to download it again to look like an update (v1.61.15.1020)? because I want to have (v1.62.67.1020) but after trying the result is an bunch of error.

  8. hi, when i click any DLC buttons in main page, it says 'Connection is required.' If i press Connect, it keeps print 'Couldn't connect' and 'Origin has been closed.' What should I do? 🙁


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