The Sims 3 All in One 2018 – Download and Install


How to install and Download The Sims 3 with all Expansions and Updates on a new “one click” installer, from start to finish! This version is nice because you don’t need to install the expansions one by one.

To access the launcher you need to install .NET 3.5, then you can find the launcher at “C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsThe Sims 3 Into the FutureGameBinSims3Launcher.exe” (or a folder with similar name if you installed the game somewhere else). Run it as Administrator as usual.

The Sims 3 – Complete Collection – All in One 1 Click

The Sims 3 – Ultimate Collection – One by One [If you want to install each item individually]

The Sims 4 – Full Store:



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  1. atleast you're better than these most of fake youtubers lol, the only thing im worried about is can we still download the launcher, updates, & mods.

  2. Hi! I'm getting a message that says "Setup needs the next disk" preventing me to install the collection. How do I fix this?

  3. Is it possible to open Your Sims launcher with this version of the download? Because i want to add Some donwloaded stuff to my Sims 3

  4. Hi I downloaded the game but with all the expansion it is quite slow … I read something to uninstall but I can't … Could you give me some indications about it? Thanks so much

  5. Do created worlds from “The Sims 3 Create A World” program work for the Sims 3 work with this downloaded file?

  6. Hi i downloaded the game successfully and i am yet to get past the CAS menu because i do not want to play a game with all expansion packs. This version seems to not have the the expansion and stuff pack manager. I really do not want to play all the expansions at the same time as it will cause my laptop to be slow and i prefer to play the expansions on their own. Any help?

  7. I've downloaded it and it seems to work fine however, I don't think that any of the expansions are running with it… I'm using Origin

  8. anyone can help me to instal this? everytime when i instal this, How i fix that "setup needs the next disk?"

  9. hey! i downloaded the game and it works smoothly but i want to know how can i disable or remove a certain pack? cuz island paradise make it lags so bad

  10. Yeah it worked, but the second time that I wanted to reopen the game everything started again in the same way when I download it. And it's taking so long to fully charge (so slow) and that's exhausting (and boring as well) to just wait. This is going to happen Everytime that I want to play?

  11. Hi! I don't want to be a bother but does it still work and do you have to download some kind of dvd station on your laptop? Sorry my English isn't that good😅

  12. I already have sims 3 downloaded through origin and certain packs. Do I need to un install first before doing this?

  13. every time i click on the link it just takes me to a new site. I use Utorrent Web, not sure if this might be a problem? please help, not really sure what to do from here on

  14. this link doesn't work for some reason. when i click on the link it goes to the site and when i clicked on "download" it did the same thing. can someone help me out


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