The Sims 1 Free Download (+ All Expansions) for PC


This video shows you how to download and install The Sims 1 for free on PC. This download is for the first Sims game and includes all of its expansion packs as well.


The Sims 1 Complete Edition (PC)

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.
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  1. Hi everyone, so because it's very difficult to respond to comments on YouTube (most of the times I don't even receive a notification), I've have added a comment section to the website. I'd ask that for any problems downloading or running the game, please leave a comment on the website so that you can get better help

  2. Hey could someone help…
    So when i click start.exe it starts downloading and suddenly shows a box stating that a .dll file is missing and i can't find any answer or video….
    Previously when i downloaded around 5 to 6 months ago it worked but now this problem shows up …. I tried to find it on the website but found no help….. Pls help

  3. hey,,, is anyone else having problems with it downloading slowly on chrome? it will cycle between telling me theres 4 hours left to being 3 days left. :/

  4. i finished intall the app, copy the crack. but when i open it the app, it keeps downloading the expansion, repeating like that over & over. and I can’t play it.

  5. Thank you so much, worked like a charm. I followed your instructions step by step. Thrilled to be back with Bella and Mortimer 7/5/2020

  6. Does anyone know how to use The Sims Creator as well? If I click the icon it asks me to insert the disk 🙁

  7. I have downloaded the original and not the complete collection, do I have to delete the original for the complete collection to work?

  8. I installed on 30/04/2020 on Windows 10 and everything working! At the begining I had the problem with this endless loop of messages telling me about the expansion packs. You need to run it as administrator and everything should play smoothly after. If not, click on the app icon, go to 'properties' and change the compatibility.

  9. Thank you so much po, I was so frustrated when I was younger that we cannot install the expansion pack of this game as well as sims 2… Thank you so much for this video it made my childhood dream come true 😊❤️❤️

  10. Help! I soooo badly want to play this, and got pretty far in the process, but the serial number is giving me an error. Is there an updated serial number? Am I misreading it? I have it as EQMV-73XB-F834-GSLX-4M67 …?


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