The Panasonic GH5 is NOW a Perfect Camera!


The Panasonic GH5 is now the perfect camera! It’s got literally everything you could ever want in a video or stills camera and continues to impress me every single day.

This is absolutely the best thing you could ever buy if you wanted to bring up your level of video production and there still doesn’t look to be anything that could beat the GH5 on the horizon.

Go buy one today! (Legitimately)

Panasonic GH5

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  1. Quick update since there are a lot of comments about the autofocus.  

    I will not keep using the continuous autofocus. Its better then it used to be, but if you need a camera with rock solid autofocus I continue to not recommend the GH5.  

    It has PLENTY of ways around needing continuous autofocus but if you have to have it I recommend something like the 90d or a6400.

  2. The Fuji T3 does have twice the bitrate bitrate at 400mbps for a cheaper used bodey price of 850USD vs 1000USD on the GH5. Also the T3 has h265 recording format for faster color grading. No ibis tho and thats kinda a big thing. Honestly I want both lol.

  3. I've always carried and used GH5 for 3 years.
    It was well made and there was no failure.
    I mainly shoot cat videos.
    GH5 and Leica DG12-60mm are perfect for cat video recording.

  4. I might consider upgrading to this camera from Nikon D5300 but the lens prices are super high at least in South Africa and that put me off a bit.

  5. Who would have thunk it? Panasonic used to be a premium Sears brand product and a joke.
    Mind is blown…..
    Samsung ever gets back into the camera game it will be interesting.

  6. Nice review. And how about the GH5S ? Is it worth the upgarde? (well I don't own any Panasonic gear yet, but considering it)

  7. Hey man , I am a bit confused here ,should I go with Canon M50 or the GH5 ? What are your thoughts on this . Waiting for your reply.

  8. But how about now that the Fuji Xt-4 DOES have IBIS, a flip out screen, and more? Can you make a new video about this?

  9. If I buy this camera second hand and it’s just the camera, where do I start with lenses? I’m a musician/YouTuber (I know I should have a camera, but I’ve been using my iPhone so far…)

  10. Hi I’m Vijaiaanand. Living in UAE, after long through i have decided to get GH5. And yes i got it. But the V-log for the GH5 I CANNOT get it in amazon UAE. Also when i have try to search I couldn’t able to get the V-log for GH5 now. Can you advise where to get or order the V-log thing in online.

  11. Perfect video. Thanks. I use a G85 but I'm gonna get a GH5 after Corona. Higher bit rates and better picture quality. But I'll get it second-hand because I think GH6 will be announced this year.

  12. Great video! I have my new GH5 coming any day now! Was wondering if you created a teleprompter for your video narration? I’m looking to do this on my channel but haven’t figured out the best way yet!

  13. Great review! We are currently looking to upgrade our old HC-V770 camcorder and, with a budget of less than £1000, GH5 & Sony A64000 seem to be the main contenders. They are both around £850 (body + a few batteries and an accessory), while A73 is £1200, so a big price difference.

    The main use of the camera would be creating promo clips for a music business, band/vocalist performances at bars and other venues (often with poor lighting), maybe an occasional music video and also family/hobby cinematography. Ideally, it would be capable of doing better still images than a Huawei P30 Pro for Instagram shots and alike.

    Should I got for Lumix GH5 or Sony A64000 for the above? Perhaps something else in the same price range? Or save up for A73 or similar?


  14. Can you please advise on the "PLENTY of ways around needing continuous autofocus"? If my camera isn't focused, the rest of the specs are completely meaningless. I bought the GH5 3 months ago and I'm raady to sell it, waiting on the new wave of cameras coming out this year in 2020.

  15. I've gotta say, you sold me on the GH5! I was considering the BMPCC 4k, but this makes more sense for me. Just subscribed!

  16. I saw some older reviews the auto focus sucked ass I'm glad they fixed it I better save up for this monster of a camera


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