The Greatest Starcraft 2 Match Ever – Neeb vs Bly


The greatest cheese/starcraft 2 game ever between Bly & Neeb Starcraft 2 – Bly vs Neeb – WCS Spring 2019 – Group Stage 3
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A crazy description

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  1. The highlight is basically the entire game, sorry about this! I tried to cut out where I could but there is so much action

    Just watch WCS spring this weekend! At

  2. He wasted too many zerglings i think. Of course zergling’s cheap but it doesn’t mean you can just waste them into bad timing choices. Zerglings and spine crawlers were kinda clumsy and didn’t help each other that much. So he loses his spine crawlers when there are too many zerglings alive and vice versa. And he was too hasty. He should’ve waited for more crawlers and queens’ energy when he could.
    He was too mercuful of his zerglings and it brought him to his loss

  3. Rts games are dead sc2 is the last man standing.. when it dies, there wont be a replacement for another 5-10 years… Rts games need a revamp fr..

  4. this was certainly an interesting match, definitely far from the greatest. Long thought out battles are the best to watch, not early game shenanigans. Also, Neeb is a very stupid name…


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