The Battle of Singling – 4th Armored Division Vs. 11. Panzer Division


Hello, and welcome to The AceDestroyer! It has been quite a long time since I last uploaded a video, but finally here’s the latest one. It’s a 30 minute long documentary about the battle of Singling. Although the battle of Singling was only a small fire-fight it still is a very interesting battle to cover. During the fight for Singling the tanks of B company, 37th tank battalion of the 4th Armoured Division clashed with the Panther tanks of the 11th Panzer Division. You can find out all about it in this video… Enjoy! Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and do leave a comment down below! Cheers!


American First Army – Aachen to the Roer river
36th Infantry Division
True glory, the
German newsreel excerpts
American Ninth army – Aachen to the Roer river
All above by PublicResourceOrg [
Die Deutsche Wochenschau 739 of November 2nd 1944

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  1. This battle is not as obscure as you would think. It is mentioned in Kenneth Macksey's book Tank vs Tank, with a full colour illustration on page 140-141 showing Fitzgerald's duel. It is also a scenario in ASL (Advanced Squad Leader). You can view the map here: The scale is 40 meters per hex. The darker colour is higher ground.

  2. Another great video! The narrators story telling ability is fantastic. I feel like I’m re-living the battle.

  3. By the way Sir.
    Hardly ever mentioned of June 6 this year.
    It saddens me.
    Thank you all who made me free.
    We have a domestic enemy.

  4. I also wish to say thank you for giving details and names of the officers and men involved from both sides.
    You give a professional and personal prospective to each.
    Unlike other wannabe sites here that show broadstrokes you give a human touch.
    Thank you for this.
    I hope the Snowflakes on my country appreciate their sacrifice but doubt it.
    By the way those newsreels you add really add a front roll seat to their struggle.

  5. I love your attention to details and play by play of both sides.
    Excellent perspectives from both sides you cover.
    You give your viewers greater understanding of the intensity of each battle.

  6. Good morning Sir.
    I wish to ask you another question.
    I was surprised the beaches didn't have more concrete structures and more machine gun emplacements as mortars added.
    Plus more mines strung along the beaches.
    It would have a death trap for the Allies.
    Did you think it was under manned and less firepower?

  7. Wow…at 29:46 are those guys in late 1944 man handling a water cooled .30 cal machine gun? I did not think any of those were still in use by that point.

  8. The most impressive thing about your series is play by play,man by man and unit involved.
    You give your viewers s greater depth of intensity of each battle.

  9. The AceDestroyer is amazing. The way he describes all the details on a long-forgotten battle like Singling makes me believe he was there, among the soldiers who fought their asses out of the craziness of combat. These documentaries are so good, they could be broadcasted by Deutsche Welle, BBC, RAI, or TV5. You are great, man. We all love and appreciate your work. Keep going.

  10. Do you accept questions Sir?
    I have several that I'm unable to find nor locate?
    It bugs the hell out of me.
    Please let me if you are willing.
    Thank you.
    I definitely will follow you here from now on.
    I'm stunned by these unmentioned battles that are very important.

  11. The extra detail in this production is great, word pictures really help to make the action real. Why did the Germans hold three tanks in the village? Why couldn't the US bazooka team knock at least one out? What was that Panther that got knocked out doing? Why did that US tank that got knocked out after passing it's KO'd brother not stop and recce?

  12. That late in the war, the US army was still fighting Superior German tanks with Sherman tanks. Their shells would bounce off the German tanks. Sure, overwhelming numbers can be an advantage, but the US Army needed heavy tanks a lot sooner than they got them.

  13. And ten days later came The Bulge. This was a prelude.
    I read about this brawl in the book Tank vs. Tank by Kenneth Macksey. I highly recommend it.


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