Spider-Man 3 | Full Gameplay Walkthrough (2007)


► Here it is, my full playthrough of Spider-Man 3 on the PC. I picked up this game for the very first time in 2011. It was my first PlayStation 3 game and I have lots of fond childhood memories with it.

About the game: Spider-Man is back to save the city with his usual hero work, only this time he bonds with an alien substance known as symbiote which turns his hero days and personal life into something ugly. Witness your favorite heroes and villains such as Venom, Sandman, New Goblin, Scorpion, and more!

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(All gameplay footage contained within this video is my own.)

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  1. ı want to play this game since ı was kid but ı couldnt find anywhere and couldnt find reliable site. can you write a reliable site to download this game

  2. I don't see why this game had SO MUCH hate. For 2007, i think the graphics looks nice and the game is pretty complete, a lot of side missons and stuff. And other than that i love the fact that it has a lot of the same animations from web of shadows. As a big fan of spiderman 3 (the movie), this game is a pretty good one (at least from my point of view). Thanks for that let's play dude.

  3. I watched the beginning just to see what I was gonna play with and I now have my answer even though it is old IT STILL LOOKS FUN!

  4. It's very difficult for me to pass the Dr Connors part 2. Plz help me out. Is there any mods or cheats or anything to pass that mission

  5. One thing I think that would have been cool to see in this game would be the fight with Peter and Harry in Harry’s mansion

  6. I was in the black suit vs sandman part and got throught and somehow lost all my data now i gotta restarts unfortunaly. Any way to make sure it gets saved this time?

  7. first game i ever played as an innocent 6 year old who had just woken up the day after christmast to play on his uncles brand new xbox. i vividly remember, before loading up the game, finishing the first and hardest prt of the game ever and saying THERES NO WAY YOU GET TO BE SPIDERMAN i just couldnt believe it like how people first reacted to vr when it first came out but like 4x that (btw my friend gamve me the game at that time) i also remember the graphics being WAYYYY and i mean WAYYYYY better than they do now


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