Sims 4 FREE Download for PC WORKS 2020 (Sims 4 PC Download Free Full Version Game)


Go to to get Sims 4 FREE Download for PC. You will get full version of Sims 4 PC download for free. If you need any help with this Sims 4 download for PC for free, then I will answer all your questions. Make sure to follow all steps to get Sims 4 download for free for PC. Download Sims 4 free for PC and enjoy the full version game.

Sims 4 download free and play the full version on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The game works on all Windows versions and also on both 32bit and 64bit versions. I think it will also work on Windows Vista and Windows XP but I have not tested it on them.

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So get Sims 4 FREE Download for PC (FREE Full Version Game Download for PC)

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  1. OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! IT ACTUALLY WORKED!! Thank you so much for your help!
    I have been looking at the comment that people wrote and you're the best! When people get stuck you helped them so much, you are so smart!

  2. I recently installed the new eco lifestyle pack and it was working fine until when i tried to open it again, it says origin seems to be running and that the application is unable to start correctly. (i uninstalled origin)

  3. I´m having a problem. When I copy and past the crack the .exe file just disapears from the folder. I´ve tried turning off my antivirus and firewall but it still doesn´t work. I don´t know what to do.

  4. Excuse me, I can't get utorrent because It needs my dad's password in order to install it, so how do I do it without utorrent? (Btw I followed other tutorials but it gave me an error so this will probably too.)

  5. Hi
    I installed the sims but it says that origin is not installed and is required to play your game. Please origin

    What should I do? 😭🙏😭

  6. when i download daemon tools lite and i double click the sims folder it just opens a page to extract the folder ad the dvd doesnt change……..HELPP

  7. My computer is on Russian language because my grandparents prefer it that way so I don't understand anything at all. I have failed 3 times with downloading this game. Thank you for this video. It makes it easier for me.

  8. Hi! I need help.I want to download the sims but i want one with a mod/cc option,i want to download the complete world but it'll eat up my space.

  9. Layton, it won’t let me play the game, it says “operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software” any advice 🙁

  10. I did everything but the TS4 file didn’t open. If anything, the file just decided to disappear and only because i was clicking on it. I installed everything again and got the same result. Please help me if you can ☹️
    Also, is this because im doing all this on my dell laptop with windows 10 and not like a proper PC?

  11. Do i need origin to download Sims 4?? I never tried to download Sims 4 but I tried to download Sims 3 back in 2018 but I never completed instalation. I just hope that I don't need origin to download Sims 4. Anyway, tutorial is so good❤️

  12. i already turned off my anti virus but it wont work. I copied the files from DVD but when i try to open the app, it wont launch then after a while, all the files from the "Crack" folder will disappear.

  13. Hi. Im having trouble with the TS4, its not working. I already turned off my anti virus. Huhu please help i really want to play SIms4. Thanks hope you'll reply 🙂

  14. After we have downloaded the game and it works, do we still require the other pieces of downloaded software like the Utorrent and Daemon tool, as my computer is already low on memory???

  15. Waited for 7 hours of painful installation. I thought it was not going to work as I waited 10 hours and in the end downloaded a key required Sims 4 so I deleted it. But it actually worked 😀 thank you!

  16. It worked but if you have Mcafee youll have to uninstall it !
    QUESTION; when i open the game it says im offline, any help in how can i fix that?

  17. IM LEGIT GONNA CRY THIS WORKS SO WELL THANK YOU SOS O SO SO SO MUCH!!! i had a loooot of problems while loading because it said initializatin and stuff but then i realized i deleted origin but i didnt uninstall it and now it works so well!! youre amazing ilysfmffmfmfmfmfmfmfmmffm <333333


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