Sims 3 Free Download with All DLCs WORKS 2020 (Sims 3 Download FREE PC Game Full Version)


Go to to get Sims 3 free download for PC. You will get complete collection full version of Sims 3 PC download for free. Follow all steps to get Sims 3 download for free for PC. If you have any questions about this Sims 3 download for PC for free, then ask me and I will try to answer them. Get Sims 3 Complete Collection Free Download for PC with All DLCs (SIMS 3 Full Version Game PC Download)

The game needs a good PC to play, so make sure you have a good PC or Laptop.

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Download Sims 3 free complete collection which works on Windows 10. This Sims 3 Complete Collection free download also works on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

I think it will also work on Window XP and Window Vista as well.

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  1. Here is the video that shows you How to Download Sims 3 Free with All DLCs for PC. This is Sims 3 Complete Collection Free Download Video. If you need help then ask here and I will help.
    Here is the new Sims 4 with All DLCs Video
    Video for Sims 2 with All DLCs

  2. hi! I have the sims 4 with origin in my computer, will this affect if I try to download the sims 3 from here?

  3. Okay so i installed it again then it stucks on 45.0%! Then this pop up appears all the time I did force rechecks but nothing seems to happen please read the pop up:

    An error occured while unpacking: archieve corrupted! Unarc.dll returned an error code: -7 ERROR: archieve data corrupted (decompression fails)


  4. So how many gigabytes does it take in total if you’re downloading the torrent and then the actual game?

  5. I've installed everything but when I run the game I get a black screen with a glitch and then a message that says 'Unable to start game

    Service initialization failed (0x065d0274)'. I don't have Origin installed anymore and I've deleted my Electronic Arts folder from my documents.

  6. I tried installing it but there is a eror while installing it says "An error occurred while decompressing: archive header is corrupt! Unarc.dll returned an error code: -14 ERROR: this is not FreeArc archive or
    this archive is corrupt"

  7. Hello Layton! Just wanna ask if how can I transfer the setup 1 to 3 bin to my usb? I know those files are 5gb but i have a flashdrive that has 14gb only so i will transfer the files 1 by one to my pc. But when I drag those files it keeps saying "this file is to big for that destination" or something like that but altough the file is 5gb but i have 14gb usb please help!

  8. What if I want to install mods that have been updated for the latest patch? Because the last version for SIms 3 was 1.69, and this is only 1.67.

  9. "Please resolve the following: A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine"
    How do I deal with this?

  10. Hi, I wanted to ask you if I need Daemon Tools Lite to install it, and if I have to install it only with uTorrent or if i can donwload it with Winrar? Thank you for your help, and by the way great video, I just subscribed!! I want to download it so bad!!

  11. Hello! I'm having an issue with launching the game. I'm getting a (0x0175dcbb) error. I checked the comments but I don't have Origin installed so it couldn't be that. I installed it to my main drive first and it worked fine but when I tried to reinstall it on a different drive it had this issue.

  12. i sat through all the downloads and everything until the end it told me "A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine." and to resolve the issue. how do I do so?

  13. It works really good! I think it's actually running faster than the Origin one since you avoid the launcher. Also, I previously owned Sims 3 from Origin and I was worried I'd lose my families and cc (i forgot to make a backup folder) but when I opened the game it had all my families, saves, cc, and everything else already in it and installed!

    The only issue I've had is that my computer won't register Sims3Pack files anymore, they state that's what kind of file they are but won't open. It's not that big of an issue though because I merge my CC, so the only thing I can't do is download worlds/houses. I don't really mind that because I still have all my worlds from the previous game since they saved the cache and I can just build houses.
    Edit: In my Sims 3 download folder (with the set up) I just notice a folder that says "Worlds and Store Updates" that gives you the worlds and updates. I must've not noticed it when I initially installed it, I was very excited so I probably just glanced over it. If it works I'll you know!

  14. Did it say the game needed origin to be downloaded for anyone ??
    And also I downloaded it but when I clicked on it nothing happens

  15. Is it still working in 2020 may? Will i get in trouble bc of copyright?? And if I need to uninstall origin will I be able to install it again and use it? I have sims 4 on origin :/ Pls reply

  16. I coudnt click the next button on the part where you said you would change your folder but we can choose not to. It said free space and I did but it still woudnt let m click next, what should I doooo?

  17. Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with this and was just wondering if you could help. the setup file does not look the same for me and was hidden inside of a zip file. Also when i clicked on it , it made me give a registration code and would not let me in. Do you think there's anything I could do? Or maybe have I done a step wrong?

  18. Hi! Please i need your help i download it but its so lag and I can’t play without waiting so long like it took 20mins everyload of the game. I did everything like disc clean my computer do well no lag at all. I need your help please reply. Thank you and God bless you.

  19. ok, so i apologize for the large amount of comments, but I went into the graphics settings and all of them are as low as they can go. Any other suggestions? My computer has nothing on it and it's fairly new

  20. Hi! So it did end up working, but no matter where I am in my house, whether I'm right beside the wifi or whatever, the game constantly(I mean like every 30 seconds) will stop completely and freeze for about 20 seconds. I begin to play again, and it freezes once more. How to I fix this?

  21. does anybody know how can I open the sims 3 launcher in this version? i want to install sims3.packages and they can only be installed thru the launcher… yet whenever i double click on the icon, it goes directly into the game. I wanna fix this!!! Thanks!

  22. Hey sweetie! TY so much for this. Do you know if it’s possible to remove a specific expansion pack from the game? I’d love the game, but maybe I don’t need all of them

  23. I got to the installation part of it, and I believe the actual thing is done installing, so I went to open it and anywhere I click it just makes this sound and then I can't click finish or anything. How do I fix this?

  24. Hi i have bought sims 4 a few months ago and i have both origin and sims 4 installed, if i delete origin to install ts3 w uTorrent will it affect my Sims 4 game? Is this safe btw


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