Sims 2 Tutorial: How to download Custom hair for The Sims 2


Sims 2 Tutorial: I show you a website where you can download custom content from and how to properly install it into The Sims 2.
(Yes, the method works with ANY site. You just need the file, and then extract the package files into your “Downloads” folder inside the Sims 2 folder, then it should work! If you don’t have a Downloads folder, you can simply make your own, but it has to be in your main Sims 2 folder.)

Raonsims: (Website might be shut down, we’ll have to wait and see.)

Since this website above has shut down, here are some other places I recommend downloading from!


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  1. Hello! can anyone help me Please? I Have The sims 2 on my Mac and I have download hair and other its working but some of the stuff is showing but it can't be clickable Why? dose anyone know the solution for it? Please tell me

  2. i can't find this web site tp down lod hair for the sims 2 game and i want to know how to put ckohtes and shoes and nails also houses in to sims2 game keep me posted

  3. Thank you for being the only one of youtubers that ive tried to reach out to to actully help me to get it to work.

  4. I went to the site and it said warning-you will get a virus if you close out and stuff like that???

  5. How do I download WinRar? The website works but I click the Download link and it says File Invalid…  help!

  6. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! 😀
    And do you have any other places that are 100% virus free? I need more clothes, hair and skin. I need skin on soooo many levels… omg! And male clothes……

  7. Maybe it had already been asked, but my downloads are'nt showen in the game. I restarted it, reset it, I did everything that was told me to but it still not working. Do you know what may the problem is and waht else can I do? Thx 🙂
    (Sorry if I had any misake. I'm not an english-speaker^^')

  8. NOTE: There's a chance that Raonsims might be shut down now. The steps in the video apply to any website you want to download custom content from. Happy simming!

  9. I'm sorry but the link kind offfff………um… doesn't work and when i try to look for it myself i only find sexy sims…..the fudge -_- pleas pleas help!


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