Sabaton – Panzer Battalion (Lyrics English & Deutsch)


On 2 August 1990 Saddam Hussein’s troops invaded Kuwait, setting off the Gulf War. One week later the United States assembled a coalition of forces to join it in opposing Iraq’s aggression, consisting of forces from 34 countries to prevent Iraq from invading Saudi Arabia under the codename Operation Desert Shield.
A day after the deadline set in Resolution 678 (17 January 1991), the coalition launched a massive air campaign, which began the general offensive codenamed Operation Desert Storm, on 24 February the USA started their ground campaign. One hundred hours after the ground campaign started, on 28 February, President George H. W. Bush declared a ceasefire, and he also declared that Kuwait had been liberated.

I won’t tolerate any racist, discriminatory or in any other form inappropriate comments! This song neither glorifies war, nor National Socialism, but should be considered as a historical work.
“No, we don’t glorify anything, we just tell stories about things that have happened.” (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton)

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Am 2. August 1990 überfielen Saddam Husseins Truppen Kuwait und lösten damit den Zweiten Golfkrieg aus. Eine Woche später bildeten die Vereinigten Staaten ein vereinigtes Militärbündnis mit Soldaten aus 34 Staaten, die in der Operation Desert Shield den Irak am Eindringen nach Saudi-Arabien zu hindern sollten.
Nach Ablauf der in der UN-Resolution 678 löste das Bündnis am 17. Januar 1991 mit einem massiven Luftkrieg die Operation Desert Storm aus, am 24. Februar begannen die USA ihren Bodenkrieg. Hundert Stunden nach der Bodeninvasion verkündete Präsident George H. W. Bush am 28. Februar Waffenruhe und die Befreiung Kuwaits.

Ich dulde keine rassistischen, diskriminierenden oder in sonstiger Form unangemessene Kommentare! Dieses Lied verherrlicht weder Krieg, noch den Nationalsozialismus, sondern ist rein historisch zu betrachten!
“Nein, wir verherrlichen nichts, wir erzählen nur Geschichten über Dinge, die passiert sind.” (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton)

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  1. fun fact: Many Iraqi soldiers didn't want to fight for Saddam Hussein, being the tyrannical dictator he was. I can't quite remember if this happened in the first or second gulf war, but an Italian camera crew was walking across the desert for some reason when all of a sudden, a load of soldiers ran out of a trench and surrendered the the film crew, whilst the real reason was not wanting to fight the Americans, you could say that replacing "Panzer Battalion" with "Handsome Italian" would still be historically accurate

  2. Those that hear Handsome Italian you may be entitled to compensation, of upwards of 250,000 dollars due to inefficie— AHH FUCK IT!!! I don't hear it and this coming from the guy who is now and forever ruined to listening Powerwolf's Amen and Attack due to Banana Tank! I DON'T HEAR HANDSOME ITALIAN!

  3. Ghost Division: German tanks

    Panzerkampf: Soviet tanks

    Panzer Battalion: American tanks


    Bring as many tanks as you can and rush them faster then the Soviets raped the Wehrmacht at Kursk

  4. This is perfect alarm music. Just think about it: at first, it sounds like chill Arab style music and then boom, out of nowhere power of metal

  5. During this current virus pandemic, the CDC recommends 20 seconds of handwashing. To make this easier, they suggest singing Happy Birthday while you do…I prefer 1:23 to 1:43

  6. im gonna recreate Creative name section because of new song
    Ghost Division: German tanks

    Panzerkampf: Soviet tanks

    Panzer Battalion: American tanks
    The future of warfare:British tanks


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