Photoshop Secrets 23: The Easy Way To Stitch difficult Panoramas


In this Photoshop tutorial, we look at how to overcome panorama stitching difficulties. Sometimes Photoshop can’t stitch images together because of various reasons. I include two great ways to overcome these problems, and stitch even the most difficult panoramas.

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  1. hey there. great explanation of the topic! @4:00–4:20 what do you exactly mean with "a narrower focal distance/length"? I'm struggling a little bit to translate it properly

  2. beginners question:
    how did you get the moving clouds (ND filter? ) look so uniform while they're composed of 3 separate images taken after each other while the cloud formations have changed between the first and last image

  3. Thank you for your great video!! I created a pano of a mountain and in the clouds I can see the "stitch" marks in one section. Any suggestions on how to fix that? Thank you!

  4. What if there is a exposure difference that shows across the stitching line. Photoshop doesn't have an automatic exposure match like Lightroom has but, it has a certain advantage over Lightroom: the ability to manipulate areas of the stitched output because it is composed of several layers. The Lightroom result is completely automated and one only gets one single file as the output and there is no way to alter its stitching process. So sometimes one still needs to use Photoshop for images that differ in exposure. Is there a way to match the exposure in the output in Photoshop?

  5. The Length is Perfect Sir
    Very Very Useful information
    thank you so much for helping some of us to move to the next level

  6. Hey Buddy,

    I have just recently stumbled upon your videos, and I am very glad I did. I have been into photography for a few years and I was getting very unmotivated because I just didn't know how to advance any further and most of the videos/tutorials I have been watching were all the same, teaching the same basic principals. So good to see detailed videos of some more advance techniques or skills.

    Thank you mate

  7. Really great tutorial! I shoot lots of panos and Photoshop often struggles to stitch them. This is super relevant for me. Thanks!

  8. @Jimmy McIntyre your videos and your smooth style of talking is as epic as Bob Ross's style 🙂 and thanks for the great tips by the way.


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