Photoshop: How To Split Images For Instagram's Multi-Post Seamless Panoramas [Free PSD]


In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to Split Images For Instagram’s Multi-Post Seamless Panoramas.


01:10 – Create Instagram Template
05:58 – Placing a Photo onto Template
07:52 – Save Files to Use on Instagram
09:18 – How To Make Seamless Pano in Instagram
09:56 – How The Template Works


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  1. It's perfect, but I have a question little off-topic: How to slice the image into suppose 10 pieces and then send them to a different layer or save them with extra transparent pixel information so that if I hide one sliced image layer it should look like a piece of the puzzle is missing, basically I want to use it in my game to make a puzzle game in which I can import a photoshop file and I just need to hide one layer to delete or hide a piece of the puzzle.
    Please Help me.

  2. thanks a lotttt. It really helped me. I appreciate your work. Keep going. Thank you once again for explaining so deep 🙂

  3. Awesome tutorial thanks! I ran into a problem, though. When I tried to save the 10 slices for web, it limits the width of the file to 8192px (instead of 10800px). Did anyone have the same problem or has an idea how to fix this? Thanks!

  4. you are a living legend man, very nice tutorial specially when you pointed out to older version because i use an older version. thank you so much

  5. Holy crap, this was INSANELY helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so excited to start using this in my client's IGs!

  6. May I ask whats is the reason if I unable to save the files and it keep popup error windows on PS? (im using PS CC)

  7. Hey Jesùs
    thanks for the video, i want to make a set of 8 pictures that each one has written information in it, and i want to make them seamless panorama for graphic purposes how can change color and write in each of the 8 grids without ruining the overall texture and symmetry , i hope that you answer my question soon! and thank you

  8. Awesome job explaining things slow and walking slow through the process, always follow your channel because of your great teaching


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