Petch Osathanugrah playing piano for POD ART


POD ART by Thanachai Ujjin
13 May – 26 June, 2017 at Woof Pack Space Bangkok.
Curated by ARTIST+RUN

1.1 POD ART is an abstract painting exhibition by Thanachai Ujjin, popularly known as POD.
1.2 For the past 22 years he has been the lead singer of the music band ‘MODERNDOG’.
1.21 In 1993, POD graduated from the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University with a major in Art Education, and has continued to dedicate his time to many art forms including painting, photography, music, songwriting, and singing.
1.22 In 1999, during a period of the struggle in his music career, POD lived in New York City and had the opportunity to meet Udomsak Krisanamis, a famous Thai artist in USA. POD then started working as his Artist Assistant.
1.3 POD started working on collages and sketches in the form of a diary for capturing ‘Moments’.
1.4 POD’s first solo exhibition entitled ‘Homonid’, was exhibited at About Photography, Bangkok, in 1997.
1.5 In 2013, POD teamed up with Somyot Hananuntasuk, Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch and Chalit Nakpawan in a joint exhibition entitled “Happy Accidents” at D Kunst Art Gallery, Ratchaburi.
1.6 POD started using acrylic paint on canvas in 2013.
1.61 POD’s first piece of art was done using crayons in an abstract style on cardboard.

2 ‘Disappearance, you don’t seem to notice’.
2.1 ‘Freedom’ is like a child’s heart. At once inexplicably brave, while also prone to fear.
2.2 POD decided to restrict his artistic expression by utilising only acrylic, brushes, and canvas.
2.21 POD wanted to impose restrictions on his artistic mediums as a platform for experimentation to create new forms. Breaking free from the the familiar.
2.3 When facing a blank canvas, its like staring at a stranger, and the start of an adventure.
2.31 ‘If there is meaning in anything, it is that which you cast away’.
2.4 Think of yourself as a “Beginner” who starts from nothing, neither skill nor experience. “Put it down, let it go, stop thinking, let go of regret, and make room for rest.” Let go of the familiar, be open to mistakes. Observe and question.
2.41 Draw like a child. Play with colours like a child. From this I find continual inspiration.
2.42 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

3 “For sometimes, it’s not clear. For so long, it’s still here.”
3.1 If you truly understand your thoughts, you know how hard it can be to explain it.
3.2 In talking about one thing, we neglect others. Likewise, in talking about others, we neglect one thing.
3.21 We can not always completely explain things and there is no such thing as perfect communication.

4 “Past winds blow through the day”.
4.1 We don’t need to try to understand everything.4.11 In trying to understand complications, we tend to ‘simplify’ it for ourselves. By simplifying, we fail to truly understand the meaning of its complication.
4.2 Every time we speak, we want others to agree. When we stop imposing our thoughts on others, only then are we truly listening.
4.3 In a complex and difficult situation… Things remain unspoken, because we fear the answer.
4.31 Expressing through abstract art broadens our ability to interpret.4.32 POD ART. Speak less, listen more.
4.33 Listen to the voice within. Listen to the audience. Listen. Focus.

5 Things we have, are not things we seek.
5.1 POD’s work relies on how he feels at that moment, not on what he is thinking.
5.11 To constantly rationalise is useless. Like using a microscope to look up for stars.
5.12 Every beginner’s attempts, whether artist or audience needs to have heart.
5.2 We mainly experience the world through our eyes. Thus, lines, colours and forms, blah, blah, blah… impact on us.
5.21 “The meaning of abstract lays inside ourselves. The meaning are not what we seek from the outside.
5.3 “Must face. Must be. And then we will see. Is that right?”

6 Heart and Soul.
6.1 Communicating through art. Some are touched upon, some are neglected.
6.2 “It’s time for me to pause. To comprehend what has passed.”
6.3 “For all that, I haven’t said. It’s because that. It’s never been obvious.”
6.4 “One day we, when the answer upon us. We realise it is still not enough.”
6.5 “What we seek, remains forever distant.”
6.6 “The distant horizon, fills our eyes with light.”
6.7 “The gentle fall of rain passes, slowly revealing to us the truth.”

7 “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” The 7th, and final, proposition of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s 1921 Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus


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