PAPA JOHN'S PAPADIAS 🍕 BBQ Chicken & Bacon Vs Philly Cheesesteak


PAPA JOHN’S PAPADIAS 🍕 BBQ Chicken & Bacon Vs Philly Cheesesteak
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Papa John’s Pizza is an American restaurant company. It runs the third largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States, with headquarters in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, a suburb of Louisville.

The Papa John’s restaurant franchise was founded in 1984 when “Papa” John Schnatter knocked out a broom closet in the back of his father’s tavern, Mick’s Lounge, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He then sold his 1971 Camaro Z28 to purchase $1,600 worth of used pizza equipment and began selling pizzas to the tavern’s customers out of the converted closet.[5] His pizzas proved so popular that one year later he was able to move into an adjoining space. In 2009, Schnatter got the Camaro back after offering a reward of $250,000 for the car.

As of 2017, the company is the third largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States with headquarters in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, a community within the merged government of Louisville. Its slogan is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.”

Papa John’s has over 4,700 establishments around the world, including around 3,500 in the U.S. and over 1,200 spread amongst 37 other countries and territories. In September 2012, Papa John’s Pizza opened its 4,000th restaurant, in New Hyde Park, New York. The company celebrated the event by giving away 4,000 free pizzas to customers throughout New York City.

Franchise stores owners pay a royalty fee 5% of net sales to Papa John’s International, and up to 7% of net sales on advertising efforts. Corporate operations look over franchisees to ensure brand consistency. As of January 2016, there are over 4,700 Papa John’s restaurants worldwide, including locations in all 50 U.S. states and in 37 other countries and territories. Papa John’s International is a publicly traded company, with 25% of its shares owned by John Schnatter.

In January 2002, Papa John’s became the first national pizza chain to make online ordering available to all of its U.S. customers. Most other national chains subsequently added online ordering to their services. On July 10, 2004, Papa John’s controlled an estimated 6.6 percent of the market, according to Technomic.

In February 2017, it was reported by the Associated Press that the company is testing a “Papa Priority” $2.99 fee that lets people jump to the head of the line for their pizza order.

Franchises outside the U.S.
Papa John’s has operated in the United Kingdom since 2001. In July 2015 the company had 300 shops in the UK with plans for between 400 and 500 within 5 years.

Papa John’s currently operates throughout Ireland with its head office at Ballybrit, County Galway. The company has over 50 locations and operates mobile units around the country. The franchises are often located adjacent to Supermacs fast food outlets.


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  1. Literally sitting here making dinner refreshing YouTube every 5mins waiting to see when the new video is coming out and BOOM!!!!

    Fantastic timing Ken! Hahaha

  2. American & Canadian papa johns is so much cheaper than here in the UK. Our papa johns is so fucking expensive

  3. Had the Philly cheesesteak. It was underwhelming. Small and barely any steak and cheese. Unfortunately not like what you got.

  4. In my opinion, Papa Johns is easily the best out of the 3 major pizza chains in America, so I look forward to trying a Papadia. But, I DAMN sure am not paying $2 for a 16 ounce Pepsi to go with it

  5. I'm not a fan of Papa Johns Pizza but i sat watching this thinking that it looked really good!! Checked the menu of my local store and they don't do them….not even a Philly cheesesteak flavour pizza!! But this is the UK.. maybe we'll get them in a year or ten!! Bx

  6. Philly here. No, green peppers generally do not go on a cheesesteak but its not unheard of. Occasional. No way in hell ranch or garlic sauce goes on a cheesesteak. Its ketchup or tomato/pizza sauce

  7. Man that looked great! I have heard such good things about Papa John's. And I really wish they would open a Papa John's here, but they still have not. 🙁

  8. These are fantastic! The only toppings I ordered were green pepper and extra cheese. Got pizza dipping sauce, but hardly used it. Prefer the taste of the crust the way it is. My new favorite!

  9. Our basic cheese steak is steak w/cheese… a lot of us Phillys get fried onions & sauce, but you can add a variety like, mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers, hot peppers, etc. … One of my favorites is a cheese-steak-hoagie (fried onions, lettuce, tomato & I like mayo on mine)
    Come back again to Philly and eat your way through cheese steak perfection

  10. What kind of video editing software do you use. I've used Pro Tools a few times, and loved it. Kind of hard to get used to though for an amateur. But, that was years ago. Just wondering. Thanks! Also, love your stuff! Greetings from California!

  11. Hello Mr. Domik. You haven't done a live stream in a while. I hope you do soon. I hope you are doing it well, and keep up the good work.

  12. I got my first papadia and it was a philly cheesesteak mine came with garlic sauce and my god it was bomb 🤤 🔥💯


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