Papa John's® Papadia Review! | Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon! 🐔🥓🍕


Today I review another flavor of the NEW Papadia from Papa John’s®! When they were 1st launch I reviewed the Philly Cheesesteak Papadia (That review will be linked below). But today I review the Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon Papadia!

Flatbread-style sandwich with BBQ sauce, cheese, grilled chicken, bacon and onions. Served with BBQ dipping sauce.

This one intrigues me since I very rarely get BBQ anything from Papa John’s®! But do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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Papa John’s® Website :

theendorsement Papa John’s® Philly Cheesesteak Papadia Review :


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  1. Hahaha "Needs more cheese, 'just keepin it real'. "

    I just ordered the Italian one. How ironic because it is Pizza. But anyhow. I hope it's good.

  2. theendorsement, could you do a review of the limited edition reuben pringles. They have them in my part of the country being northeast ohio. Hope they have them where you live. Keep the awesome reviews coming.

  3. Now that is 2 of the saddest slices of folded over pizza I've ever seen. The fact that you unfolded and showed the disappointment so easy should be a crime. The cheese should be busting out the seams! Papadilla? More like Papagotcha!

  4. When are you getting your ass to Wendy's and trying their new breakfast items (if they're available in your area yet)? I just tried the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant today and it was pretty good.

  5. If you’re ever in proximity of that new Coke Energy and fancy yourself a refreshing beverage, holla! I’ve been wanting to try it myself. Not an energy drink fan but if it tastes similar to Coke it may come in handy. ✌️

  6. Not enough cheese forget BBQ sauce the Garlic butter is where its at miss the spicy garlic butter ❤👌🔥. Ever since Papa John left a CEO the chain has become mediocre use to luv Papa Johns.

  7. The bacon looks like a small chunky German "Speck" which is a thick bacon. It is a good idea but they definitely need quality control…oh well. Good honest review.

  8. Just wanted to say great job on the West Coast, very entertaining and quality videos!! I'll look forward to the LA-GIT Philly Cheesesteak review!

  9. Please stop saying wish me luck. Why do you need luck to give a meaningless food review. Some people actually need luck. You really sound silly saying that. I would watch you more if you didnt say that. It's really dumb.

  10. Should have tried the other side since you said it looked like it had more filling. Haven't had Papa Johns in so long couldn't tell you if they changed the bacon or not haha. Great review as always.

  11. Home made: hot water, yeast, and sugar… stir it flour, salt, and oil. kneed. let rise. rollout. add oil on crust. sauce from middle to outside. add low moisture mozzarella cheese. pepperoni. dried basil. pepper flake. 10 min at 500F

  12. I ordered two of these, one was barely filled while the other was loaded. I think Papa John’s has a “consistency” issue.

  13. Good review 👍 … Agree with you on needs more cheese overall it was good though. You need to review the other two, the Italian is so good and the meatball and pepperoni although a bit greasy it too was good in my opinions. Have a great week!


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