Papa John's Chicken Poppers – Food Review


On this stormy night I review the revamped Chicken Poppers from Papa John’s. I am wearing a grey 1980s Ralph Lauren suit, white dress shirt and a purple and grey checkerboard tie from Stafford.




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  1. I work at papa johns. Started about 3 weeks ago. I just went to dominoes and got a 8pc boneless chicken meal to find out it’s the exact same thing as our chicken poppers. I love how I look up a simple review on the papa johns chicken poppers for you to just crush me by saying it’s the same thing over and over.😂 I could have got a 10pc for $3 at my work. I’m a dumbass

  2. I always check if ReviewBrah reviewed a fast food item just to get an idea of it before going through with orders now. I'm gonna try the papa johns honey chipotle poppers with bleu cheese sauce (feeling adventurous) Thanks! you are a blessing to this world sir. 🙂

  3. The name seems pretty intuitive, and the thumbnail helps too: Chicken Poppers seems to be a nod, so to speak, to the classic side dish, Jalapeño Poppers. Keeping this in mind, I don't think it would be too far of a leap to assume that these "Chicken Poppers" will be stuffed with some sort of a cheese, cream cheese most likely. They could also possibly be seasoned with spicy season, to invoke the spice and heat that comes with Jalapeño Poppers. I shall now continue to view the video to either prove or disprove my hypothesis.
    Edit: I was wrong.

  4. Yeah that chicken sucks, dominos too. Pizza hut chicken (wing street) is the only kind worth getting. The stuff at papa johns is soggy and no flavor.

  5. Cut your nails sir. I know you said it feels weird but you'll get used to it. Trust me man, you need to lose the long nails.


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