Panoramic Shooting, When You Can't Afford The Hasselblad XPan


Lomography Sprocket Rocket:
Horizon S3 Pro:
Bronica ETRSi:
ETRSi Panoramic Back:
Panoramicon Oxygen:

Filmed w/
Fuji X-T3 ➡
Fuji X-T2 ➡
Fuji 16mm 1.4 ➡
Fuji 23mm 1.4 ➡


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  1. Here are three other ideas: the Minolta Alpha Sweet II, XTsi, HTsi (I think), and some similar Pentax cameras have a pano move in an interchangeable-lens SLR. The downside is that a lot of film is unused on each roll. In a similar vein, there used to be disposable panoramic cameras. Those can be disassembled and reused, but it's a bit fiddly. You can also use a Kodak Brownie 3, re-spool it with 35mm, and get a 3:1 image with sprocket holes. The s Brownie 3 can hold a 4×5 sheet, so it's a good pano option for either 35mm or 120 if you can find a couple of spools and baking paper.

  2. In China, a lot of enthusiasts are making 3d printed little parts to use 135 films in 120 cameras. Costing about only 5 USD? I think this is a good option.

  3. There are 2 Linhof panoramic cameras: the Technorama 617 (6 x 17 on 120 roll film) and the Technorama 612 (6 x 12 on 120 roll film), which are professional, with exceptional lenses, some model can even shift the lens to control the lines.

    There is also the cheaper Fuji 617 (6 x 17 on 120 roll film).

    To be noted that the Hasselblad was born thanks to a collaboration between Fuji and Hasselblad and that uses the 35mm film, which means that the image quality is much lower than the one you obtain from the medium format panoramic cameras like the Linhof ones.

    Just one extra note: you can hand-held the Linhof cameras, but I guess that most users would use them on the tripod. More likely, the Hasselblad is much more used hand-held.

  4. 3D print 35mm adapter for you Bronica ETRSi … Something like this:
    I was dusting off my ETRSi that I had not used in over 15 years, and notice that my battery lid l of this missing. I was looking for a 3D model of the battery lid, and found theses adapter. Maybe a cheaper way to use the Bronica for your needs.

  5. Great review, thanx

    Noble is from Germany by the way (I didn’t run through all the comments))) )

  6. Fujifilm's medium format digital cameras has panoramic modes as well, if I am not mistaken. Thanks for the research nonetheless.

  7. I've just started shooting sprocket panoramics in my RB67. I get 35×67 over the sprockets, or if/when I make a film mask for it, I'll get 24×67. The camera with 90 mm lens and two 120 backs was under $400, and the 220 back I'm using for the 35mm adaptation was under $20 ("for parts or repair"). When fully built up, I'll be shooting cassette-to-cassette with leaders, on bulk loaded film, to minimize waste, and I should then get about 18 images on a 36 exposure length of film. Yes, it's heavy, but the lenses are quite good and the reasonably common ones are fairly cheap. Also, it's fully mechanical, doesn't even need batteries unless I add a metering viewfinder. A drop-in frame mask is child's play, so I can accurately compose for my final 24×67 frames, and with a very minor mod to the 220 back, I get perfect frame spacing and automatic advance handling, just as I would with 120 or 220 film.

  8. 07:37 its 120° i think, also i think i will buy that for this summer 🙂
    I wonder if you can open it and refocus to like a meter or two

  9. Great video….you should also check out the 135 adapter for the mamiya 7ii look good, not sure if it is the same aspect ratio you are talking about though.

  10. Other film options include the FUJIFILM GX-617 a 6 x17 camera. B&H :, By the way, the X1D has the crop modes, and it can mount the xpan lenses, but of course it's an expensive camera (a little less than. 6K)

  11. Thank you for that idea!!!
    I have an Agfa Billy 1 (Medium-Format 6*9). I try to get some panorama photos with a 35mm Film. It's round about a 21:6 ratio. Let's have some fun!!!

  12. There is never, ever any need to play with overpriced H'blads. And there are other alternatives for panoramic photos not mentioned here.

  13. I m Lucky to have an Xpan… Wonderfull but such an expensive analog camera ! (got mine for 1500 euros several years ago today it cost twice this price if you come to France I would be glad to lend you mine ;)). However, for digital photography, do you think it's a good idea to use a 50mm sirui anamorphic lens to have the same kind of look on a fuji xt3 or xpro3? Check this out

  14. Xpan was my favorite camera of all time. I loved using it. I ended up selling it as I know Hassie can't fix it once it breaks. I wish Fuji would make a camera like this. I am using a Fuji Panoramic film camera, Discovery 312 Zoom which has a panoramic option, but it is cheap and no where near the experience. It's why I was looking at the Sigma Quattro DP0, which you can shoot 21:9 in camera. Also, to make you aware, the original Sigma DP Merrell (Dp1M, Dp2M, DP3M) all had the foveon sensor, and it is the TRUE full foveon sensor. Once Sigma started pushing out Quattro series, the Foveon look was GONE. Anyone who has used the DP Merrell series knows this to be true.(I owned all three DP Merrell cameras as did others photographers I know who love to shoot medium format usually.) In Sigma's zeal to make this a more useable, shoot in higher ISO, better performing camera, it lost that Foveon magic. You can argue all you want, but the proof of distant detail lost is on DigiLoyd's website among others. Many of us were pissed at Sigma for ruining the Foveon sensor, the only reason we wanted the damn camera in the first place. The Quattro is NOT as good. Now, having said that, the files look good, just not Foveon Full Good. The other problem is that the change to the sensor didn't make the Quattro series better than the Sony, Fuji, Nikon, competition in regards to usability. So, the Foveon was ruined for nothing in the end. Listening to you state that this Quattro also has to be shot in low ISO, just validates that Sigma's zeal to become relevant for quick usability ruined the series as you still can't shoot in high ISO.

  15. cool video man, I tried out another alternative without getting a second mortgage on my home lol

  16. Don't mix the definition of what Panoramic Format is with the definition of what Panoramic Camera is. Those are not the same. X-Pan is a wide angle rangefinder camera (with medium format, wide angle lens) projecting an image on a strip of 1:3 ratio. With top and bottom part of the image cut off. It has more image to it, unlike real pano camera.
    Horizon, Widelux, Panon, Noblex, Seitz Roundshot and even Kodak Cirkut are true panoramic cameras, with true panoramic format. Those cameras don't cut off any part of the image. True, real pano camera can't take images of the straight lines without it being distorted, it's a lens effect. You definitely can learn how it works using pano mode in an iPhone. 
    Can we just stop the FAKE NEWS, for once..?


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