Panasonic S1H review: Netflix video quality comes to mirrorless cameras


The day that it came out, Panasonic’s S1H shot to the top of filmmakers’ lists of must-have mirrorless cameras for video. The GH5 was already a hugely popular camera among vloggers and videographers, and the S1H is much like that model, on steroids. It has a dual-ISO, 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor that lets you shoot 60 fps, 4K and even 6K video. Better still, it recently became the first ever mirrorless camera approved for Netflix productions.

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  1. I've bought it and the footage is stunning, however, if Panasonic doesnt update via firmware the auto focus to a standed comparable to Sony or Canon by year's end of 2020, im selling it for the upcoming Sony or Canon version of this camera, since they will have these relative specs but with an already highly serviceable auto focus.

  2. I want one but cannot afford the price tag.
    Can I just go with the GH5 for now? Full frame sensor is the only major thing I'll be missing right?

  3. Hopefully the Sony A7 S III will destroy this camera with a better autofocus. $4000 with a shaky AF is unacceptable.


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