Panasonic LX100 Review – The Cheap 4K Camera


Panasonic LX100 Black

Panasonic LX100 Silver

The LX100 is an affordable pocket camera that shoots 4K video with the same sensor as the GH4 and a fast, sharp Leica lens. Sounds great doesn’t it?
In this review I try to give you the details about it and see if it is a just as good in real life as it is on paper.
It of course takes stills as well but look elsewhere for a review about that. I shoot video.
There are of course etchings I didn’t talk about because then the review would have gone on forever. So checkout my other videos about it since they might contain further information.


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  1. First off Gunpowder looked so cold at the beginning… and the light painting was very cool. Any plans to test the Mk ii Mattias ?

  2. Love your detailed review very much. Just bought a LX100 recently, love the quality of it very much, except the purplish-red and yellowish-green color. But it isn't much noticeable in your graded video. Do you find this problem during grading? Thanks.

  3. Hi Mattias! I'm seriously considering picking this up for shooting video on a social event I was hired for, since it's mixed indoors and outdoors I wanted to ask you: What kind of filter do you use for outdoors shooting?

  4. Thank you for the effort and the sharing. Think the LX100 is still relevant or are there better choices for a small camera with a “do everything” attitude? Thumbs up!

  5. Your tripod ball head looks very good… what is it? Is that an Arca Swiss plate on it?

    Very nice video, esp. of your Most Cinematic Dog!

    This camera seems competent, but I will choose between the GX85 and GX8 due to their features.

  6. This camera is perfect except for the well documented dust on sensor problem (Google it). So it's a lemon. Fab concept let down by too many dust collecting issues. Would have run to buy this camera but for these issues.

  7. Thank you for producing so much quality content.

    I am trying to decide on a first camera. I will mostly be filming handheld outdoor scenes and don't need to be able to record sound.

    I am looking at the Panasonic LX100 and the BMPCC. The LX100 is more affordable, seems simpler to use, and provides great image quality for the price. The BMPCC would cost me quite a bit more to set up it seems (I am looking at used camera + speedbooster + lens) but the image quality in your bmpcc videos is amazing and has made me really appreciate the camera. I also do like the 4K quality from the LX100 when color corrected in post.

    Which would you recommend for someone new?

    Thank you for your time.

  8. I have a question! why does the lens moves (slightly) something like human eye when you turn it on? appreciate if somebody helps me out


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