Panasonic Lumix S1 VS Sony A7III | Is BIGGER Better?


Today we’re checking out the two of the biggest names in the online camera sphere. I’m so happy that both Panasonic and Sony have now entered into the full frame mirrorless camera market and its time to find out which would work better for the online video creator!

They both do things a little bit differently, one has way better stabilization, recording codecs, and menu system.

The other has better autofocus and the better lens selection.

Which comes out on top? Lets find out!

Lumix S1!

Sony A7iii

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———-What Gear I Use!———————

Main Camera (Panasonic GH5)

Main Lens (Leica 12-60)

Secondary Camera (Nikon Z6)

Secondary Lens (Nikko 24-70S)

Main Audio (Panasonic GH5 XLR Adapter)

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  1. If you're not suing the V-Log or S-Log settings, what's the point?? Running these cameras in Auto mode is a waste of a comparison.

  2. I think if I could afford $5000 for a camera, I'm going with the Fujifilm GH5, rather than a $2500 body and a $2000 lens as one of the CHEAPEST lens. If Panasonic wants the S1 to sell, they need to introduce lenses in the sub $500 range that aren't crap.

  3. These are so gorgeous. I'm don't with APS-C especially APS-C without stabilization. These FFs are lightning years ahead. I'm done settling for expensive gear that doesn't deliver. Even my a6400 is awesome in daylight, but when you push the ISO or need stabilization due to low light, it fails.

  4. When you did the in studio side by side at around the 6:50 mark…wow. The contrast of the S1 is just so beautiful. Along with the video and photo abilities this is what I'll get before the end of 2019 🙂

  5. One more Panasonic better
    all information what you see on internal monitor you can see on external monitor
    Sony A7iii you can’t see

  6. I don't own any of them but I would probably lean towards the S1 based on the 180p, color rendering – 10bit internal, IQ, IBIS, and ease of menu surfing. I would go for the a7 if I wanted something lighter and smaller, cheaper, and lenses available.

  7. The Panasonic video is way more contrasted right out the box. Also the s1h is the full frame gh5 the s1 is absolutely a full frame g9 and that’s exactly what I wanted I was about to buy a g9 before the announcement but I’m glad I held off.

  8. I was finally able to get my hands on the S1 and the S1R this past weekend, and I was right all along. The camera body has the right size, and I have medium sized hands. Personally I feel all the other mirrorless cameras no matter the sensor, feel like dinky and plasticy little toys. That's my honest opinion. It doesn't matter if it can produce quality files with the right photographer behind it, if it feels like crap. This size trend is like cellphones all over again. They started big, went smaller and smaller to the point it became idiotic, and now in this day and age they are more rightfully sized.
    The S1 body is actually the only mirrorless camerabody I would consider no matter sensorsize, brand or what ever.
    Ergonomics is the most important thing, because this is a tool. Complaining about weight and what not is just silly, because then you just don't have the right mindset for creating anything, really. What we see on the internet is mostly overhyped gadget geeks who mostly look at cameragear as gadgets, and such people do not care anyhow. It's all about the actually physical thing, than photography in such a mindset, and that's just worthless and complete waste of time.
    Create or suffocate…
    EDIT: After watching your video I see that this is strictly a review on how they are for videography. As I only care about the photography part and these camera bodies are built for photography in mind, I felt it is very much needed to mention it. The needs of a videographer are very different than that of a photographer. All the videographer people out there seem to "forget" that part while sharing their opinions on the matter.

  9. S1 has 10bit (422) with update(200$), a7 iii has only 8 bit (420) internally, so for 10 bit you need to get external recorder for a7iii(800$)plus it makes camera heavier. But only for youtube videos, a7iii is good choices.

  10. Why do people make such an emphasis in auto focus? Id like to see you do a cinematic comparison for film not just fkr vlogging. Cuz "filmmakers" use manual…we hate auto focus. If you make a judgement based off auto focus id be questioning your skills with a camera as auto focus doesnt take skill at all. The Sony IBS sucked hardcore yet youd choose that over a Lumix? All because of auto focus? Lame lol The image overall was much more appealing in the Lumix. Color and overall more a film look. Yall who keep making these videos i challenge you to see which camera is more cinematic. A cameras auto focus will suck if the cintrast isnt there. Maual you have more control. I like Sony but Lumix is so much better.

  11. I had the S1 for the weekend. It was just too heavy (for me). My fingers ached after customizing it. Very capable camera, but I sent it back.

  12. Get the S1. Grown men complaining about the weight of a camera and a lens is… sad. Chelsea Northrup, Evelyn from CameraTV, women reviewers on Youtube are using DSLRs like the 1D mark II, D5, or reviewing the new Fuji GFX100 or Pana's S1/S1R without complaining. If you want a flippy screen, the Pana S1H is coming in the fall. The S1 is simply the best FF mirrorless hybrid on the market. The A7III doesn't even compare. Weather-sealing, 5.6 mil EVF, 400K shutter cycle, 4K 10bit 4:2:0 HLG and soon 10bit 4:2:2 internal with the free VLOG update, doesn't overheat, doesn't feel like a toy, menu system isn't a mess, free 3-year warranty, and now $400 off trade-in rebate until June 22nd… The S1 is getting the exact same video features as the GH5 for free.

  13. I have one ultimate question for me 😉 you say you recommend GH5 over S1, then with the same basis of comparison, how about a7III vs GH5? Maybe you have a video on it but I didn’t check all your content yet 😋😉 cheers and thanks for the video you did :))

  14. How can you compare the image quality without even commenting (at least after) on how much you overexposed the sony?


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