Panasonic Lumix FZ80 Review and 4K Video Zoom Footage Test


Panasonic Lumix FZ80 Review and 4K Video Zoom Footage Test
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Today I’m reviewing the Panasonic FZ80 super zoom camera. Now in the world of super zoom cameras, the Panasonic FZ80 is one of the few that shoots 4K video and I’ll be testing the 4k video quality in a minute. On the outside, the Panasonic FZ80 has a very familiar Panasonic look to it. It’s equipped with a 60X zoom lens that can be zoomed in and out using the toggle button that surrounds the shutter button. The controls on the top of the camera are also very familiar for anyone who has used a modern panasonic. The mode dial with on-off button is also identical to ones on cameras like the Panasonic FZ1000 and Panasonic G7. I also love the position of the movie record button which is really easy to access. The 3 inch screen on the back is bright and crisp and even works well outdoors. However, the only thing I do miss is having an articulating screen. This one is fixed, so changing screen angles to get more creative shots or even selfies and vlogs is much tougher. The menus on the Panasonic FZ80 are laid out in typical panasonic fashion and are very intuitive. The controls and buttons on the back are also neatly laid out. Another really useful feature is the camera’s electronic viewfinder. While it certainly isn’t the best viewfinder on the market, it’s very handy when shooting pictures and videos outdoors. I also love how the camera handles, thanks to it’s well-designed, deep grip. The build quality is also solid, despite the fact that it’s made mostly of plastic.The Panasonic FZ80’s battery and sd card are situated in this compartment on the bottom. I do advise getting at least a UHS Class 3 card, if you plan to record 4K video. I’ll leave links to some cards that will work with this camera, right below the video. When it comes to charging the battery, this can be done using the provided wall adapter and USB cable which plugs into the side of the camera, right next to the micro HDMi port, which can be used to connect it to a TV or monitor. When it comes to charging the battery, I always recommend getting a standalone battery charger like this one, so you can swap batteries out and charge them as needed. I’ll leave a link to one I recommend, right below the video as well. The Panasonic FZ80 can also be mounted on a tripod, and this can be pretty useful, as you’ll see when we test the video quality. The camera is also equipped with a pop-up flash, in case you plan to take photos in low light conditions. Rather surprisingly, it also comes equipped with a hot shoe mount on top.


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  1. I bought one used for 130 euro and for that price it' a steal (please don't take this literally). I use it mainly as a back-up camera for my Fuji X-T2. In my opinion the stabilisation is quite good. I was abe to take quite sharp pictures with a shutter time of one second. It's also good for almost any type and style of photography. Shooting birds in flight may be a problem as the decent ISO goes up to 400 max and the shutter time become quite long with a maximal aperture of f/5.9.

  2. Can you list your preferred Icon for filming in 4K on the FZ80 camera? Is it Ai or Function key? It the 1080p/60fps a better choice? Thank you, Michael.

  3. Hi ive got tje fz82 anf ive recotded without 4k and its not brilliant on playback, i was wondering how u acyualy record videos using 4k on this cameta as i carnt find any videos explaining how to do this, also with this camera ivenoticed when i use the 6x zoom function when i look back at my photos in my 42 inch tv that images arr slightly blaired any advice for me would be amazing thank u

  4. Seems the FZ300 more clear and better shots. Half the photos down with the FZ80 looks distorted and or blurry. May ditch it and replace it with the FZ1000

  5. Watching this vid helped me feel much better about my purchase lol. (Had already ordered it from Amazon-only camera that had a monthly payment option at the time).

  6. For the recording limit, is it 4K 15 mins for all clips in total recorded in 4K or 15 mins recorded in 4K for one clip? And does that apply also for 1080p 60fps?

  7. Hi, The pop up flash on my FZ80 does not flash. The Flash on the LED display shows that it's off. How do I turn it on? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

  8. Hmm, why are there white bars on the still images(2:40)? Was in not captured at 3840 x 2160 resolution? That aside, great video and very informative!

  9. How is this camera for vlogging? Im leaving for a 1 month trip to Spain next week and need a camera that I can use to make and upload vlogs on youtube with!

  10. I'm thinking this camera might work for me. I am looking for something to take on safari with me, as well as shooting pics and video of my music gigs and instructional videos. I want very sharp images for both video and still pictures and decent audio that won't distort or sound terrible outside. Think this camera would suffice?

  11. Is this good for me a wedding videographer? can you change ISO? I also have AE or Premier so color correcting not hard for me.

  12. I'm sad I have a little budget and this was perfect but I'm going to vlog and that is a lot harder without a articulating screen. But an amazing video.

  13. Thanks for comparing the FZ80 with the FZ300 at the end there. I just purchased the FZ300 only few days now and think it's wonderful minus the 60X lens I have on my FZ70. I find now that I probably should have gone with the FZ80 as it has the larger lens range I love (my FZ70 has a faulty lens now), but have been enamored with the FZ300 speed and better lens.
    I'm not sure what to do but I need to decide soon if I'm returning the FZ300 for the FZ80. I see the FZ80 as simply a better quality to the FZ70 with the bonus of 4K and post focus and some other features. Please advise ReviewLamp!

  14. Which camera i should go for amkng panasonic fz80 and panasonic fz 1000?
    My purpose is mainly for making videos and some pics..

  15. Great informative review. The Panasonic FZ300 is what I'm looking for but it's from 2015 and I'm looking for something newer. I want to make youtube bass cover videos and I'm willing to spend $600 on a camera.

  16. I was very disappointed with this camera as it really struggles to focus. I have tried and tried and have now given up. In my opinion it has no image quality at all. Video is the same.
    Nothing seems to be clear. I have used a tripod but still the same. It may well be me or just a faulty camera but I have used slr's for 30 years and have never had this problem. In my opinion this camera is not worth buying.

  17. As a hobby photographer that started at the DSLR end of things, I started exploring more in nature photography. I have a 300mm equiv. lens for my DSLR but really wanted more to capture birds at an identifiable level of zoom. 1200mm doesn't even exist for that format and if it did, it would weigh many kilos and cost the price of a new car. The FZ-80/82 provides me with the zoom I want at a very affordable price and even though the IQ isn't quite what I can get with my DSLR, the trade off was an easy decision. The 4K photo modes are very useful too, to get just the right shot. Thanks for this video! It helped me make an informed decision.


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