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Panasonic CX-350:

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This video was filmed using:
Main Camera – Canon C300 MKII:
Lens – Sigma 18-35mm f1.8:
Audio – Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set:

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  1. Panasonic AG-CX350 or Panasonic HC-X1? I know the CX350 has live stream option but if that was taken away which camera would you choose?

  2. Waiting on Review. Live on your videos Carl. Please, you did not mention the auto focus which Panasonic has a bad rep across the board. Please let us know as soon as full review is done. Need it.

  3. What camera are you using to shoot youself with (example 2:48–3:15) . In other words when you're on camera and you have the CX-350 in the shot with you…what are you using?

  4. i was curious with the recording formats .. does it break it up into multiple files (for long form records, e.g… a school play) or can you record one continous file?

  5. Hello, I would like to know which camera you consider with the best color and excellent focusing speed. Currently I have an HXR NX80 and I was thinking of changing it to PXW Z90V because the Z190 and Z280 do not convince me due to their poor performance in low light. Several friends tell me to buy Canon XF705 which has a more natural skin color and manages red tones well. And other friends who better buy the AG CC350 because it has more zoom and better codecs. I have had 2 AG AC90 cameras before and in these the image is matte and with difficulty in capturing the reds. NH80 is easier for reds and a more natural skin tone, although it tends to yellow. I record theater and ballet. And I think in social use A7 in the new version that will come out. Thank you very much in advance and congratulations on your channel.

  6. How do you think it compares with the Nx-5 by Sony.
    And I know the nx5 is not 4K.
    I will await your reply.
    Keith Kuhn

  7. I’ve been shooting 4:3 aspect 5K hevc on my G9 via 6K photo mode. So far, none of these higher priced cameras have been able to match that.

  8. What’s the point asking people what they think about the camera if you haven’t talked about the price?

  9. Would love to see a review on this too!!! Am very interested in how the colours and skin tones compare to the XF705 plus how robust the autofocus is ie for sport etc.. Particularly since on paper it's spec'd out so similarly to the XF705 which is almost twice the price!

  10. It's been five months, Carl, since you said "in the near future." When, please, will you do a full review? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  11. It looks like the 400mpbs mode is only way to get full 4:2:2 10bit. H.265 200mbps is 4:2:0 10Bit.

    Main question is the sensor. Claimed as a 15mp sensor. My Sony AX100's use a 20mp sensor and 14.2mp for video. They don't state how much of that sensor is used for video. 

    And a little annoyed they dropped the 3.5mm remote jack for start/stop and iris. The older DVX200 has both 2.5 and 3.5mm jacks so my controller will work with that one but on the 350 it's zoom/focus only.

  12. Hello dear ProAV Team, are there any updates on the full Review of the CX-350?
    It currently looks like the best allround fixed lens camcorder out there, especially with its 4 Chanel Audio Option (at least on paper). But since there are no comprehensiv reviews out there, there are still some questions left open.
    Are there V- or L-Log Profiles in there? What about live Streaming, is it really caped at 1080p, and how does it look like, is ist downampled or ugly blocky? What about roling Shutte; external Recording; Dynamic Range; highlight & shadow gradebility? How does it perform against other Cameras, especially like the P4K and the GH5 (and against its Dual IBIS)?
    Despite all the questions and (maybe concerns), i really like the image coming out of it, the Lens renders really grippy an clean pictures and the Skintones are looking pretty nice and creamy, yet the rest looks conrasty and colorfull. Since we need some new Equipment at the end of the year, a full review would be nice 😘

  13. Yes this camera definitely interest me, wondering what it low light capabilities might be like. Obviously the shutter speed would affect low light capabilities, so wondering if you could do a decent test of lowlight for us. While I would like to have seen the vlog I don’t think it’s an absolute necessity. I have a Panasonic Gh5S Which gets me down into low light situations quite nicely. But having parfocal for live events is really where it’s at.

  14. what is the lower tier to this?
    I'm looking for a camcorder with similar ergonomics for a lower price.
    I was looking into older machines since 4K is not a must for me, but I don't want the footage to feel like it was recorded on an older camera.

  15. Asked on proav website about swit battery.. Looks like you using one.. Will larger swit wich one proav offers also works with this cam?

  16. I don't know if choose the AG-DVX200 or this one. Love the V-Log option and the 4/3 sensor of the DVX200, but I think this one is more robust and efficient.

    Good review. Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.

  17. What's it like for filming Sports typically Rugby where the action is fast paced and unpredictable. I currently use the ux-180, a great camera but floored with a miserable screen that's useless in full daylight even with anti-glare film unceremoniously fixed to it. Also the fact that when run and gun shooting in its widest angle of view the external microphone can be seen, and given the fact that the screen is so bad, you only notice it in post. I would like to see a camera that would allow me to set zoom points at the touch of a button so that these can be setup for each match allowing me to snap in and out accurately without fear of missing the action. Any views on this and possibly what tripod is better suited for this would be a great help to myself and other independent users who fund their filming on a shoe string. Many thanks for the reviews they are very informative and unbiased.

  18. Hi CarI. Is there any mention from Panasonic in regards to what lens is being used? Panasonic used to advertise their fixed camcorders with the Leica brand as used in the DVX200. I am looking forward to the full review of this camera and especially the comparisons to the competition. Personally my choice comes down to the CX350 by Panasonic or the Z280 by Sony.

  19. Have had mine for a month, went with the cx350 instead of the gh5s DSLR route as once kitted out, ended up being cheaper and better for my workload, which varies between events, short format storytelling and is tourism focused. Paired with a Ninja V for 4k 60p 10bit 4:2:2 ProRes and cheaper media costs. Very pleased I went this route.

    Still want a GH5s for cinema projects and low light, but for run n gun solo videographer, this is a killer camera.


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