Overlord Genesect! Summon and Teams – Pokeland Legends


Summoning Overlord Genesect, and showing him with multiple pokémon including Overlord Pheromosa and Hoopa!

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  1. Separate question, how can I click to unlock my sum of effort on each Pokémon? Can't figure out how. https://m.facebook.com/groups/119309588496670?view=permalink&id=1001863583574595

  2. Hey man can you tell me that which team is better marshadow and fighting arceus and mega diancie or marshadow and fighting arceus and cobalion. If 2nd team then but my cobalion power is very less as compared to mega diancie suppose cobalion – 3 lakhs and mega diancie – 6 lakhs

  3. Great video Damy do you think hoopa can work well with genesct without volcanion support/berry because genesct still will move after hoopa does

  4. Hey dany on a hoopa team if genesect uses buff than zoroark used buff right after does 100% to other enemy still occur from genesct buff

  5. Based of what i know debuffs are decreasing of stats meaning stunned, poison any other volatile status, shed skin will not trigger correct me Dany.


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