Mobility Training [New Pancake Tutorial]

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True strength can not be achieved in the absence of mobility … so mobility training is critical to any exercise program if you want to get strong, flexible and athletic.

Here’s a great pancake routine with pancake exercises for beginners and pancake exercises for advanced level people.

These pancake drills use therabands and external weights to deliver both passive stretches, static stretches and active stretches as well as loaded mobility drills and progressive loaded mobility.

In this video we also reveal the biggest mistake people make when trying to do the pancake.

This is a fantastic routine for beginner level people through to advanced level people with pancake progressions for both.

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The 6 Equipment Essentials
We use a variety of tools to support our training. Below are some affiliate links to our favorite equipment. Purchases from our affiliates gives us a small commision which supports our channel so we can make more videos. We appreciate your support.

1. Foam Roller (Long) – for gentle myofascial & trigger point massage:

2. A Back Ball is essential for rapid posture, spine and shoulder mobility enhancement:

3. A The Hypersphere Massage Ball is the ultimate deep tissue muscle release tool:

4. The Tribe Resistance Bands are essential for every day warm up and rehab drills:

5. Wooden broomstick for supporting yourself during mobility drills:

6. The Tumbl Trak Sliders are an essential tool for lower body mobility drills:


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  • Very well done. Thanks a lot.
    Do you know Emmet Louis's work? I found your approach is quite close to his method.

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    A little observation, sometimes it looks like one corrects the other.

    Keep going!!

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