Making a leather sheath for the new Leatherman Free P2 multi tool


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  1. Hey man, drop the background music back a bit, hard to focus on your voice with the music being that load. Friendly feedback

  2. Love the work man, I’ve been watching your work for a few months, one question tho, how do you figure how much bigger to make the front side than the back side? Thanks I’m advance! Keep up the good work!

  3. Dude, I love all your vids but you are starting to look like a sellout on this one, like a butt kisser I am not sure how to say it nice, you do you, you do not need the support of them or need to kiss any butts they should be kissing yours to promote what they have.

  4. Great video..
    Have you tried to dampen the edges before sanding? I do that all the time, gives less dust and nicer edges. But be careful so you don't burnish/burn them..

  5. Love your videos! Curious how you got the mahogany dye to lighten up so much. I’ve dyed 4 knife sheaths with the exact dye and it stays so dark. Any help?

  6. I owe it to u for helping me take my work to the next level. Watching u showed me what tools to use and how to properly finish edges . It’s a hobby I just started to make small items like sheaths and wallets with hand tools and saddle or lock stitching. Thanks again

  7. Great review, as usual. Ty. You have a load of talent!! (The P-2 is too expensive, so won't have one till their first major sale campaign.)

  8. I like this chap Parker. He’s an interesting lad. But the leatherman is too expensive for what it is. There are alternatives on the market in the UK that are better priced. I’m gonna watch his video and it’ll give me ideas. He does tidy work. 👍🏻🇬🇧

  9. This vid just inspired me to make a sheath for my Leatherman OHT. The original sheath that is can with is Frankenstein with the universal tool…Duck Tape. Great vids and awesome leather work.

  10. You owuldn't BELIEVE the amount of money Youtubers make from linking out to products. All the stuff he links in the bottom, if you click tat link, and you use tat window, to go anywhere, to amazon, watever, WHATEVER you buy, if you eneded up buying a car via his link, meaning, you went to tandy, then clicked a link to a car showroom, and you bought a care, he'd get 1% of the sale value of that car lol

  11. I always enjoy trying to identify the little bits and pieces of whatever you’re watching or listening to in the background. Please don’t ever edit that out.


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