Luxury Estate Villa – VinHomes (VinGroup) Riverside in Hanoi Vietnam by Flora Di Menna Designs Inc.


This 20,000 square foot (1,900 square meter) stately luxury Villa is set in a community established by VinGroup; which is a large conglomerate focusing on real-estate development, retail and technology. Services range from healthcare, hospitality, tourism development and investment.

VinGroup is also becoming a leader in high-tech security, software technology and has issued a resolution on the establishment of four subsidiaries with a total charter capital of VND 390 billion dollars.

The company is founded by a prominent property developer and entrepreneur Pham Nhat Vuong, who is the first Vietnamese billionaire.

Flora Di Menna Designs Inc. surpasses the client expectations by bringing their grand luxurious design concepts and drawings into reality with virtual animation prior to construction.

The team at FDM Designs offers a vibrant, realistic tour of the residence which truly brings architectural drawing and design to a whole new level!

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Since its establishment in 1987 under the creative direction of Flora Di Menna, this Toronto-based interior design firm has been honored with numerous awards for excellence in designing model homes, sales offices, high-rise and corporate quarters.

Flora Di Menna Designs has been the focus of media coverage in national consumer and trade publications and national newspapers.

Flora Di Menna and her team are renowned for designing beautiful upscale interiors, and for the comprehensive planning services and custom furnishings to a range of corporate clients, residential developers and builders.

The FDM mandate, first and foremost, is to listen to clients: “Once we know what our clients want, we can then set about to provide the creative work and results that they desire. We take their ideas, and turn them into an exciting reality.”



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  1. All that and you don't even get to see the upstairs. I feel cheated. Too much white, needs more color! Nowhere to park and no yard! Just feet away from 2 roads, a neighbor too close and a canal you can't even fish from your property! No thanks!

  2. I love it but it didn't show the bedrooms, bathrooms, basement & Attic. Spent too much time showing the living rooms and the swimming pool.

  3. If this is the kind of homes you can get in Vietnam…then I have to reconsider where I live…!!!?
    Wonder what is the price…

  4. Santo celo chissà che qualcuno di questi proprietari mi tengono lì a lavorare come suo giardiniere con mia figlia e moglie

  5. Кто может сказать, кто живёт в таких домах? Мой респект архитектора. Сильная работа.

  6. Just as I was about to write this doesn't look real, I got the idea of reading what others commented on this…. ok yeah it is not real! Nicely put too much white for my taste, but nice work!


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