Let's Play Spellforce 3 – PC Gameplay Part 1 – When In Doubt, More Fire!


SpellForce 3 – The perfect blend between RTS and RPG!

It is the year 518. The rebellion of the renegade mages, known as the Mage Wars, has been quashed by the Crown. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory: Whole regions have fallen into anarchy, refugees roam the lands in search of shelter, and a mysterious, deadly plague called the “Bloodburn” has arisen and is spreading rapidly.

In times like these people cling to any sign of hope they can find. The Purity of Light, led by a charismatic man called Rondar Lacaine, claims that mages are the source of all misfortune – and that only the second coming of Aonir, the father of all gods, will return Eo to its former splendor.

The story takes place before the acclaimed SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.

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  1. Been 16/17-ish years for me.., and my LOVE for Spellforce will never go away! So i bought the Complete Collection and Spellforce 3 to keep me busy again!

  2. "He's a mage, he's a traitor, he's-"

    ….he's a fucking WITCHER! Holy crap!

    I kinda feel for the guy. I bet he looses out on tons of jobs because people are afraid of getting "That guy", but I love him in anything.

  3. This game would be ok, but not at it's asking price. There's no way I'd pay $50 for this. Maybe $20.

  4. WOW, such polish on the voice acting… It actually feels like real humans with real momentary emotions. That's great to hear, a rare "sight" in games.

  5. The graphics 10+ years ago looked amazing when the game came out. You shouldn't compare present day graphics to decade old graphics.


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