Let's Play Shadow Hunters – Board Game Play Through


Our partners over at Board Game Bliss sent us a copy of Shadow Hunters from Z man games to play. It is like Bang! but most of us agree a little better.

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  1. Advantage

    – High immersion.

    – Bring many memories, memories.

    – High level of play.

    – Can play more or less people are.


    – Less tactical diversity.

    – Depends on luck.

    – Function is not fully balanced.

  2. I would like to offer some feedback. The video would be better and more useful to viewers if you closed in on the game itself. Include all the banter and fun reactions of everyone — those are great — but the overhead shots at the board were unclear and illegible, and in addition were extremely rare and very short. We didn't get a look at the role cards everyone had, or the equipment they drew, things the game looked very abstract to me as I couldn't see the components at all.

    I came to this video with the intent to find out if I would like to purchase this game for myself, by the way. While I can see it's great fun and I got to look at the group's dynamics while playing, I wanted to get a better feel for the components in the game as well, along with how you guys got and rolled for stuff, etc.

    Other than that, please carry on and more power!


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