How to Shoot, Merge and Edit Vertoramas with Lightroom & Photoshop CC – PLP #152


Download the files to follow along this tutorial :

In this episode we are going to look at vertoramas (they are the same as panoramas but vertical rather than horizontal):

1. I will explain to you why you need to shoot this way when shooting tall buildings.
2. We will retouch them first in Lightroom with my classic workflow.
3. Sync that retouch on all photos and send them over to ‘merge to panorama’ option in Photoshop.
4. We are going to correct all our geometric distortions from the merging.
5. Finally, we will double process the result for our final touches. Voila!


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  1. Hi Serge,
    at first let me thank you for your great tutorials. They are always so interesting.
    Now I got a Little question: Did you made also a tutorial about noise correction?
    In this video here, you talked about a formula betweeen noise correction and sharpening (…15%+85%=100%)
    Why didn´t you made a Color-noise correction?
    In a Video not Long ago You made also a "100%"-summary but with luminance- and color-noise. (60% luminance 40% color-noise)
    A Video about that chapter would be very interesting.


  2. when I do panoramas I always get lines in between the photos when I merge them.. Is there a way to avoid that or get rid of it?

  3. I cant afford the A7r but Im happy he can, & that he shares tips with us. If you cant afford it save up, dont complain. You can take great photos with any dslr & some point & shoots too. Use what you got & get better. Now go back to your pirated version of LR & practice 🙂

  4. Serge, as always, another great tutorial!
    How about one on final preparation, for print.
    Ansel Adams made the point that everything is in service of the print.
    It makes sense to have a tutorial on this because without that knowledge. all the rest
    of the work done is for nothing if you don't know the best way to do it (like me).

  5. Thanks again for those tutorials. How about some levitation photos of people with some action and motion blur? 

  6. I would be much more inclined to purchase you products if they were available on CD or DVDs.  The reason is because when my hard drive gives up the ghost if I have your episodes on CDs, then I have not lost them. Please, Sil vous Plait!

  7. Hi Serge…I believe you are using a new microphone  or not?     Your sound is not so good as before.  It's a bit too low.

  8. Hi, Serge!

    So there was a hot-air ballon show in my city this weekend. I had a tough time shooting the balloons. It was @5am (very dark, they look like Chinese lanterns).

    I pretty much dropped my f-stop, balloons moved so I had my camera on a tripod for lower shutter speed (2sec- 1/50sec), so lastly, all I had to play with was my ISO which was a little too high for my taste.

    Images had a lot of noise or were under exposed. What would you have done different?

  9. Serge,
    Do you have any plans to do a tutorial on "Forest Glow". Since, its going to be Fall pretty soon, would like to see your take on glow, fog, mist and the ethereal look deep inside the forest. As always, your videos are great, love your energy and always learn some cool tricks even if it is a simple one. Thanks again.

  10. Hi,

    Do you know off another tool or workflow to replace the adaptive wide angle filter? … For the ppl. That don't have cs6 ext or higher. Or, like me, for ppl that cannot use it because the graphic card isn't working for PS.

    I tried DxO Viewpoint 2, but it did not work that good. Sure it corrected stuff but also made problems in other areas.
    This of cause might be do to the source material I tried with or my skills (just downloaded the trail version yesterday).

    Still I would be very interested to learn what you recommendation is for ppl that can't use the adaptive wide angle filter. (For correction of verticals, panorama shot at an angle or even multi row panorama (shot without nodal point head))


  11. Awesome free tutorials. An idea on tutorial might be how you print and frame your work. What pixel size is needed for whet print and such. Just the showing of ones work

  12. Hi Serge, may i recommend you,    as a Theme for a tutorial namely "Digital blending with luminosity masks". It would be very interesting and exciting.
    With best regards


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