How to make a Panorama Photo (Shoot and edit) Lightroom or Photoshop


How to Shoot and edit a Panorama. Tips for shooting panoramic photographs. How to merge panoramas in Lightroom and Photoshop. How to make a panoramic photo with a DSLR or drone. Colin Smith shares tips and tricks to get better panoramic images.


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  1. I use Olympus e-pl7. Good to see a tutorial not getting hung-up on aligning nodal point. I often do the merge, save and archive, then resize to something my PC can handle in PSCC. Who needs 100 Mpixel files 😀. I don't get on with HDR in ACR, so I'm off to watch your HDR tutorial.
    Great video.

  2. hey cool work … by the way, if you are interested in the topic of processing, then on my channel there is also a cool video LEARN TO MAKE UNIQUE PHOTOS | Lightroom Tutorial

  3. I handheld shot a panorama on a walkabout in nature last Sunday. Seeing what my new 24/1.8 can do. Lazy, I kept AF at face recognition. Imported Sunday night and tried to stitch in Lightroom. No chance. Over to Photoshop. The second attempt, having switched a couple "auto" things "on", it worked.
    Exported as TIFF, imported in LR. Generated JPEG. Hum, too big to mail and reduced JPEG detail to 50% from 100. Now I accidentally went to 100% on my monitor and scrolled left to right.
    WTF?! The first two shots were fine. The third shot, AF had focused on a considerable shrub in the foreground. Total laziness and distraction left aperture at 1.8 and the third shot had a beautiful bokeh blur of the background. Surprisingly, PS had stitched the blurred third shot to the sharp background of the second.
    Next time I do that shot I'll bring the 3D nodal rails. And pay more attention. Funny to notice that I did not notice the blur on the monitor as 46MP downsampled to fit a section of the monitor made it look sharp.

  4. Your panoramas are beautiful especially the sunsets. I use a Nikon Coolpix P900 so its basically automatic. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I had taken a panorama consisting of 40+ shots , the panorama is 20 meters long and 5 GB , How to improve ?

  6. the biggest stumbling block I have when creating the panorama on my (all in one ) P.C is the limited amount of memory , which cannot be supplemented

  7. Will the location of the sun affect the overall scene if you are using a Circular Polarizing filter and pivoting your camera for a panorama?

  8. Is it important to go from left to right or right to left when we shoot ?
    And what about the option like sheric or prespective or cylinder ?

  9. This is very good help with shooting and editing panoramas!
    I have some additional things that till make your workflow better:
    Shoot in manual mode so that the camera settings don't change during the shooting!
    Focus to the spot you want and then turn off autofocus, doing this insures you perfect focus for all photos!
    If you are using a wide angle lens work around the distortion by taking many photos so that you get the important parts less towards the edges and have to spend less time fixing in post!
    Other then that have fun!

  10. Colin I definitely learned something new. I took my first Pano about 2 weeks ago and I didn't notice or understand the choices for fixing the Pano prior to merging; therefore mine definitely has a rounded look to it. I will be out shooting soon and will try again and pay attention to the choices I have before the merge. Thanks a lot!!


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