How to Get Started with Latex on Windows 10 Texmaker MiKTeX


This video will show you how to install Latex, and make your first PDF output on Windows 10. This is not the only software or method for doing it, just the way that has worked best for me. You will just need to install 2 software packages, MiKTeX and Texmaker. Texmaker is the editor for Latex, where MiKTeX handles the compiling.

MiKTeX can be downloaded from:

Texmaker can be downloaded from:

After you have them downloaded, just run through the installation. You can essentially select the defaults for installation for both.

Once the installations are finished, open Texmaker. To make your first Latex document, just click on new at the top left. After that, I would paste in some known working Latex so you can test it out. In the video I used:

Click the arrow to the left of quick build to compile the latex document. It should ask you if you want to install lingmacros, because it is the first time that has been used, so just click yes to install it. It will not ask you if you want to install tree-dvips because that is included in the Latex installation already.

After the package installation is completed, then the compiled PDF will show up on the right. If you make a change and compile again, it will compile much faster because it has all of the packages required.

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  1. How to install a package ? I tried to install achemso but i dont know where to put the files ? (folder or path needed). I didnt find the texfm folder, dont know where this is. Also How can i verify that it got installed and is working ?
    Thanks for help.

  2. How can i put the pdf view directly in this view?
    I only get a pop up view of the pdf which gets quite annoying when you try out a lot uf stuff…

  3. I face the following error, kindly help me resolve it. "Could not start the command.

    pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex"

  4. I am absolutely astounded that a typesetting program would require a local server to be running. Is there a huge benefit to that kind of setup? Is it set up that way to allow people to collaborate or something?

  5. I used an old version of a front end editor for LaTeX and a friend recommended me TextMaker, thnak you for uploading this tutorial.

  6. I tried to compile a file which I made online with overleaf, and I have some problems in the pdf, like the index and some labels of the figures, any advise?

  7. I cant get by package installation window. I keep "allowing for changes" when the account security control pop up shows up. then nothing happens. It continues to show the package installation window over and over

  8. Hi, when I press quickbuild, this error appears: pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex and I don't know how to fix it as I am a beginner. What does it mean and what should I do? I tried installing Texliver but got my computer into a mess as I don't know what to do. Thanks!

  9. Hello, thanks for your video,it's really clear and easy to understand. Recently I have installed the newest version Miktex and uninstalled my old version, the new version is a little different from old one, now I have no idea how to add the package from local repository ( I must use the template from our university, so i can't intall the package by updating automatic from internet). If you have time, could you make this tutorial next time? really thanks!


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