How To Edit 360 Spherical PANORAMAS in Photoshop CC 2018 – BEST Non-Destructive Workflow


In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn to edit 360 Spherical panoramas in Photoshop CC 2018.

00:30 – Importing 360 Panos into Photoshop
01:22 – Navigating Through 360 Panos in Photoshop
02:46 – Painting and Editing 360 Panos
04:35 – Non-Destructive Workflow
06:45 – Working with filters and Spherical Panoramas
08:55 – Applying text or logos to 360 Panoramas in Photoshop
11:13 – Removing tripods from 360 Panoramas in Photoshop
11:58 – Making animated gifs from 360 panoramas

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Photoshop tutorial showing you how to

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  1. Hola Jesús, i have 80 photos to do a 360 photo but i don´t know how i drad the photos to do that you do in this video? i don´t know if you use photomerge in photoshop or you have other technique to drag the photos, thanks bro.

  2. Great video. I really need some help with a problem I ran into. I'm running out of places to look. For some reason, out of the blue, cmd+E stopped merging a 3D text layer to the sphericalmap. I have no idea why. I put a little video together to show you what's happening: If you have any insight into why this is happening, I'd really appreciate hearing back from you. Thanks a lot.

  3. Great video. I enjoyed your thorough explanation of the layers and how they work with the 360 file. Very informative.

  4. The real question is how can I make it stop lagging so badly , I know I can work on it lag free but I plan on painting something and constantly switching back and forth just to check mere strokes of color is grossly unpractical , I have a 1060 so I know it has to work I just can't see how

  5. Hey, great tutorial!
    is it possible a full quality retouching on a merged layer inside 3D spherical panorama?

    At minute 4:00 of your tutorial you talk about making retouching directly in 3D spherical panorama view, (which is supposed to be the best way to do it since you just see a portion of the sphere, almost as a 2D image… so you don't get distorted-curved lines, making retouching much easier than doing it in 2D flat spherical map, especially for architecture and straight lines in general).

    The problem is that I've noticed a noticeable deterioration of my 3D spherical panorama detail, compared to original/2D spherical map image, (it is pretty pixelated if you zoom in, reaching the equivalent of 100% 2D view both with zoom tool or 3D "CV" mm tool inside properties panel).

    The problem gets worse in Ps ver. 20.0.4 than in Ps 19.1.8, but even in Ps 19.1.8 the detail is not the same as the original), is it the same for you?
    (FYI: I'm running Ps on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 with GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB, but had the same problem also with last MacOS Mojave version).

    So have I to think that direct retouching inside 3D spherical panorama at full quality is still not possible?
    Or is it simply due to my GPU or GPU settings (OpenCL is flagged, and memory settings are at maximum)?

    Does anyone else notice this big difference in terms of quality between 2D spherical map at 100% view and the same detail inside 3D spherical panorama view?

    I talked to Ps support twice and checked with them all GPU settings, but they couldn't give me any solution so far, they just told me that it could be related to the fact pixels are stretched in creating a 3D spherical panorama from a 2D image…but it would mean that if you want your retouching to merge perfectly with the rest of the image (i.e. at full quality) they need to be made just inside 2D spherical map, and not in 3D spherical panorama, as you showed in this tutorial.
    Beyond that, I can look at the same file at 360° at full quality on a web browser, so actually there should not be any "stretching problem" also in Ps, I guess.

    If you want to check this issue on your system, please try inserting a text layer over the 3D spherical panorama layer and then merging them, then do the same inside the spherical map…you should notice the difference immediately.


  6. Great video thanks for the tutorial. I'm wondering how to rotate the camera say 180 degrees but not create a video file but a jpeg or a tif file output.

  7. I enjoy how thorough you are and I love that you have an index of timestamps to separate different chapters! Thank you. 🙂

  8. Just curious that after editing 360 by your guide will affect the initial point after viewing in 360 player? Because after follow your guide, the 360 photo is tilted. Any suggestion

  9. Is there a way to fix the horizontal? I have a 360 panorama I'm able to edit as you did in the video, but I need to rotate it slightly, as it's slightly tilted. Is there a way to do this?

  10. Hello, JR, great tutorial. Just 2 questions.

    Question 1: In the spherical map layer, can we not duplicate the 360 image and add effects (camera raw, healing brush tool, etc) to the copies? Does it HAVE to be a new layer every time and edits be done on the 3d image? Also, instead of adding (say, for example) a text to the 3d layer & then merging down, can we not add the text in the spherical map so that it remains editable, will that not work as a separate layer?

    Question 2: have you made an updated version of this video (with new features since I'm sure there must be additions since last year.) I have not found any videos post oct 2017 so please help. Much appreciated…

  11. Thank you so much, that was amazing. do you have any video working with PTgui and photoshop hand to hand?

  12. Great tutorial, thanks. Do you think its possible to make global corrections to whole 360 without getting seems so there wouldnt be need of retouching it?

  13. In my photoshop cc (2017.1.1-versie) I do have the option "3D", but I don't have the option "Spherical Panorama"…. and also don't have the option "Import Panorama". In my scroll-down menu "3D" there are only 4 options instead of 5. Is there something I can do?


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