How to Download and Install Teamviewer 6 for Free! (Not Trial)


This video will show you how to download and install teamviewer for free.


This is the full version of teamviewer and not a 30 day trial or anything like that, just make sure you select “personal / non-commercial use” when you install it because if you don’t, then you will get a trial version of it.

What is Teamviewer?
With Team Viewer, you can access any computer anywhere in the world, with this simple program. As long as both computers are connected to internet and have teamviewer installed and running, you can access and control anyone’s computer. But remember, you can only access or “control remote” someone’s computer, if you know their ID and password. if you have the ID and password you can control their computer, but if they move their cursor, it stops you from being able to do anything. They can also stop the program at any time they want, just by going in the bottom right corner of the screen and clicking the little “X”.

How to Get The ID & Password:
The ID and Password are always there when you first open teamviewer, and clearly labeled ID and Password. Just copy and paste your ID and password and send them to your friend.

Again, you can completely control your friend’s computer. It’s really easy to do.

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  1. Is says download free for private use. Is that the free non-trial one.

  2. my teamviewer id 792 598 782
    pw timpster1 it DOES work i know for a FACT cuz a random person connected to me WITHOUT WARNING haha i was like woah woah wt….. oooooooo yeah cool whats up man "hey whats halo" o its a game " ooo can i get it" yeah sure here ya go and i forgot to tell im to update it DAM


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