How to Create a Super Wide Angle Panorama in Photoshop


I love shooting with a 14mm wide-angle lens. It allows for some breathtaking compositions. While it is very wide, there are occasions when you need something much wider. A 12mm or fisheye lens may be wide enough to deal with such situations, maybe not (especially after correcting for distortion). Which is why a wide-angle panorama can create images you might not be able to get with any other lens.

In this tutorial, learn how to create a super-wide panorama in Photoshop, and correct distortion with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter.

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  1. This is just great, Greg! I have used Lightroom to create a panorama so far, but I feel that this tool in PS gives you way more freedom and I will definitely give it a go! Awesome!


  2. best multi row sitching tutorial. thanks Greg! one question, when i reposition my camera to shoot a bit more above, do I just slightly adjust my ballhead?

  3. Very very helpful! I've struggled quite often with that tool by being unaware of the final bits and pieces making the difference.

  4. Hey Greg, good stuff! On an unrelated issue, I'm wondering if I can auto apply luminosity masks in Lumenzia? Thanks!

  5. Excellent example of using adaptive wide angle filter! (Easier and faster than using warp tool) Great tutorial Greg!

  6. Hey Greg, very interesting video!
    I'm concerned by the distortion of the opening to the right of the image: Did you use for your camera setup a rail or similar to put your 14mm lens on its nodal point? This should reduce quite a bit those distortions, shouldn't it?
    Well, I'm relatively new to those panorama techniques, but I was amazed by the result I got this weekend in Carcassonne, Southern France. No bending at all. After stitching I didn't need to use PS wide angle filter.
    Could you please confirm. Many thanks.

  7. Real nice video Greg! I've done some panoramas before, but I will use this technique. The widest Iens I have is a 16-50 mm zoom lens. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Great tutorial as always, Greg! I've never used the adaptive wide angle, but it's nice to know how to use it if the scene requires such an image. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  9. (Sorry for my English). I got so much to learn. I will be honest. If I do that and then when finish stiching the photos I got that result.. I would surely throw the photo to the recycle bin.

  10. Hi Greg. This is really helpful. I've come across this issue with landscapes a couple of times so it's definitely one to keep in my back pocket for next time. Many thanks for sharing.


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