How to convert .NBF to .VCF or extract contacts from .NBF file [HD + Narration]


What is a nbf file and how do I open a nbf file?

An NBF file is a backup of Nokia PC Suite phone data. It contains the address book, user settings, and other stored data, and can be used to restore or copy data. Nokia backup files are a copy of the phone data which is stored in supported Nokia mobile phones, and these Nokia backup files, which are implemented with encoding specifications are proprietary to Nokia. Encoding specifications are used for saving these NBF files in the correct file format. The Nokia PC Suite software is an application designed to facilitate the transmission of data between a compatible Nokia mobile phone and a computer running on a system integrated with support for these compatible Nokia mobile phone devices. The Nokia PC Suite application can be used to create these Nokia backup files. These Nokia backup files can be used to restore these pieces of data from the associated NBF files, so users can transfer the recovered data back to their Nokia mobile phones. The .nbf files contain Nokia backup files which may include contact numbers and address details of phone book entries, text and SMS (Short Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) data stored in the mobile phone among other pieces of information. Nokia PC Suite application is available for Microsoft Windows-based systems.

What is VCF file?
Standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business; typically includes a name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other contact information; also supports custom fields, images, and other types of media. VCF files are often used for importing and exporting contacts from address books. They may be attached to e-mail messages, which provides the recipient with an easy way to import the sender’s contact information. Windows Vista users can open vCards using the included Windows Contacts program. Mac OS X users can open vCards with the included Address Book application. iPod and iPhone users can load vCards directly into the device’s Contacts app


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  1. Thanks bro…you are a life saver. Can please tell how to see all the contacts (at a time) in outlook. And second question is that the extract files are showing digits (1,2,3…) rather than the name of the contacts?

  2. after the second line at command post (The system cannot find the file specified.
    0 file(s) copied.) i typed exactly what was on the video. any suggestions pls?


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