how make a 360 panorama in photoshop CC 2018 – NEW FEATURE


Make a 360 360 image in photoshop and upload it to Facebook as a 360 VR image. More info on Photoshop CC2018



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  1. what in the hell is this…are you stupid and you can't ever use content aware tool properly…disappointing!!

  2. i have been able to pull in an image i took with google street view into cc. what i would like to do is create a flat file that makes you feel like you are in the center of the whole panorama. i have seen some images like that. is there any way to export the flat version like that? great video! thanks for all the knowledge you have shared over the years.

  3. Misleading title! This is not creating 360 view by stitching photos! This should be how to remove unwanted object from 360 photos! nah here some dislike button from me.

  4. is it possible to panorama be outside of ball, like planet, not inside. I dont like how my horisont go up on edges.

  5. Hey there! I have to say I REALLY love your informative videos!
    I currently have Lightroom, Photoshop, Ms-Ice and Hugin and, whilst being new to photos stitching, I've had mixed results when stitching DJI Mavic Panos, for 360 Tours.
    Is there a proven software that works every time, or at least; the one that's easiest to use when tweaking images?
    I've had some mixed results and really want to make professional 360 VR Tour's.
    Any advice and pointers? 🤔 🦅

  6. Please change the name of the video… You are not making but editing panorama and did a pretty lame job though

  7. Helpful video…I use the Parrot anafi and have exported my 360 panos to FB via the app but there is no editing… I like the idea to enhance the image but the smoothness is lacking in PS compared to the app…I am looking for some more tips if anyone has found them?

  8. Excellent Tutorial. Thank you!! edit: it worked for me the first time, but attempting to create a 360 on another pano, even though I was able to move it 360 deg within photoshop after creating the 3d workspace, it would not export as a New Layer… only the original flat layer. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. wow. thanks. One question. Can someone please explaine me is this image interact in vr box also? when we applyied our mobile phone to a vr box?

  10. You say nothing about the need for the original image to be 2:1, nor the need for exif data to be specific to cameras that record 360 degree panos!

  11. Hi Colin
    The image here already came from a 360 Camera (Theta). Do you have a tutorial for creating the spherical image from a stitched panorama?

  12. Interested in this 360 stuff but how do you turn the Ricoh 360 camera on once airborne hanging from a base mount attached to your DJI?

  13. Colin, Nice. I'll have to try the 360 pano, but what if I just want to make a 180 degree pano? ANSWER: Make sure the pano is exactly 2:1 ratio and no larger than 6000 x 3000 pixels.

  14. There seem to be a straighten panel missing I've seen on another tutorial. I can't straighten 360's from the Insta360

  15. Thank you so much for a terrific video! Can you tell us how you would rank the new PS CC 2018 feature as described here, relative to Hugin stitcher (I think it is now version 2017.0.0 ), especially as it relates to smoothly blending image files…if you know? I suspect these perform pretty much the same but do not know. THANKS again for this great video.

  16. That was helpful. Thanks. I've been doing 360 panos for awhile, but the new Photoshop editing tool isn't so intuitive. I think I get it now though. Thanks.

    Oh, and that person that hit the thumbs down button is a scrub – lol

  18. Good grief! The 360 thing is amazing! FB doesn't do it justice, tho, you get to show off your work! LOL This may just be the version of CC that I get in on! Thanks so much, Colin!!


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