➦ This quick tutorial SHOULD fix all of your sims 2 issues and have you enjoying the game again. This is THE ONLY THING that worked for me, being as I am a window, 10 user!

– Crashing at Launch
– Crashing as the game generates elements (ie. Magic,Pets, etc)
– Purple RAVE LIGHTS/Random Crashes
– Dark SHADOWS/Patches Under Sims

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  1. Let ME CLARIFY somethings here. This IS HOW I FIXED MY GAME. It could work for you, and has for many people. If it doesn't you can try the 4GB PATCH and The Graphics Rule Maker ON THEIR OWN. Some people even said the dxgi.dll file was causing issues and by removing that file I said to install IT WORKED. It's impossible for me to know everyone's set up. EVERY DETAIL matters every bug a person has MAY NOT BE the same nor the reason it's causing it. Again for me, my set up and using windows 10 THIS WORKED for me. I hope it works for you, and if not use these tools to figure out what does! ❤️

  2. Yayyyyyyy it still works 5-12 2020 but don't put d3d8.dll in or it won't let you start your game Thanks Urban Sims!!!

  3. @XUrbanSimsX Thanks so much for this fix! It worked perfectly and i got drunk with red wine to celebrate in honor to you! Thx Again!

  4. For the Graphics Rulermaker for the latest one… the resolutions are not shown… is that because I downloaded the x64 version versuses the x32 version?

  5. I went through all the steps and it isn't working. It says something about it crashed and has to close when I do how to play. It tells me it's missing terrain files when I try to just play the actual game and where to move them.

  6. LISTEN!. If you have windows 10 you dont have to do all that extra stuff. Follow just the graphic rules maker part and it works!!!. I hope I help someone. Ps: I have laptop

  7. I dont know but mine says out of video memory and its making me to shut it down. Also i only have like 2gb ram, can that be the problem?

  8. Tbh I did pirate the sims 2 since I couldn’t find the disc anywhere. Not proud of it but I really want to play TS2 lol 😂 Also thank you! It works now! The flickering was giving me a headache!

  9. does anyone know where to put the patch with the oldgames download of the sims 2. im not sure what folder to put it into

  10. Hi everyone. I have a problem with opening a game. I’ve done everything that was in video and now my game just doesn’t open. When I didn’t do things from that guide my game was just turning off when I tried to create a family. Please help me

  11. So does anyone know how to make the pie menu stop disappearing as soon as you try to get your sim to do something? I can’t get anything done with them, and here’s a demonstration video:

  12. Holy Mary mother of god.. it’s WORKING!! I’m literally crying in my grave at how this game is working again for me now thanks to this tutorial! 😭💕

  13. My laptop has g-sync instead of optimus technology so I couldn’t fix it. It’s a gaming laptop and intel graphics are disabled. There’s no way to download intel driver and recognises the driver. I tried this and this isn’t works. Only thing that I can do is, write -w, -r’1920×1080’. This makes the program works in windowed mood and full hd resolution. When I create a sim the game crashes.

  14. Oh myyy… I cannot believe it!!! It works!! Thank you sooo much. You did the only tutorial that actually made my Sims 2 work. I thought this moment wouldn't come, cause my laptop is pretty old and shitty, however it works with Wondows 10. Whatever… thank you VEEERYYYY MUUUUUCH!!!! <3

  15. Hahahaha the bottle of rosé part hahaha. Thank you, this has helped me a lot! I was going crazy enough with the quarantine to have an 800×600 resolution 😂

  16. HOLY HELL!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG you have NO FRIGGIN IDEA, NONE! Months I have spent, freaking months and here – RIGHT HERE – is the answer that will finally end my nightmare! This works, PERFECTLY! I have fallen short of becoming a computer programmer to fix this same issue and turns out a computer programmer DID fix it! YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!

    Couple things though.
    1) Prior to running the Graphics Rules Maker, search in the taskbar for "dxdiag", run it and select "Display". The memory # you're going to enter in GRM is the # next to "Display Memory (VRAM):". This number here is the amount of RAM (memory) from your graphics card or chip.

    2) All Windows 10 users need to download the EmptyStandby command patch. Install it and schedule it using TaskScheduler for every 15 minutes or so. This will clear up your PC RAM (not VRAM) while loading and playing the TS2 and will help prevent/end skipping in the game.

    3) Pink flashing is because your graphics card is getting REALLY tired of rendering so much stuff. That's because TS2 prerenders ALL of the items in the catalog. If you start getting pink flashing, your GC is getting tired…sooooo…lighten its load. Fiddle with your graphics settings in-game until the flashing goes away. Give the GC – I don't know – 15 minutes and then bump it back up.

    4) Get more & better RAM. Download CPUZID to find out the specs on your RAM. This is the most annoying and hair raising part. You want LOWER CAS latency, higher frequency (Mhz), but you need the same type (DDR3, DDR4, DDR5) with the same PIN count. The rest of the timing information for your new RAM should also be lower than the RAM already in your computer. (We bumped up to 64GB G-Skill and that's when the computer stopped wanting to load TS2)

    All that said, this video – you are a goddess and a blessing! Thank you so much. We have over 18GB of CC in the game and the tears caused as it gradually stopped working and all hope seemed lost. Thank you again and stay safe!

  17. Only issue for me is simply the mouse. It goes away from the options before I can get my sim to do something

  18. Can someone please tell me where to find the link for step number 2?? Or link it here? Please 🙏

    Ps. Does it matter that I have the original Sims 2? Not any expansions or the Ultimate Collection, whatever that is…

  19. I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for this tutorial. It really WORKED for me!!!!!! So excited for being able to play again ^^

  20. Heya, I just have a question;; I’ve no crashes or problems with my game but the cheatbox won’t show when I prompt it, any idea what’s up with that?

  21. For me, when I run the game as Administrator, it simply says "The application has crashed. The application will now terminate."
    Anyone has a good fix? Windows 10!


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