Hitachi Finish Combo Kit KNT50AB – Nailer and Air Compressor


This kit includes the NT50AE2 18 Gauge Brad Nailer and the EC710S Pancake Compressor. It even includes a 25′ air hose.
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  1. Hey I got my set when it came out 2yrs ago but haven't used it lately but now have a problem building pressure..can you help me so I dont go and but another one 🙏🙃

  2. I own a bunch of cordless Hitachi tools and they have never given me any issues despite my abuse. So when I finally for fed up with my no name nailer/stapler leaving huge divots in every piece of trim and molding, I went for this nailer. This thing is great.>>> Light, easy trigger pull, and best of all no marks except for the nail head. Would definitely recommend this, especially over a nailer/stapler combo

  3. mines a piece of shit. jammed first shot, got it working putting and finished one panel then starting my second panel jammed again. maybe 20 shots. then it wouldn't load after the unjam.

  4. Used my compressor three times, the fourth time it wouldn't turn on.
    Don't see any breaker or reset switch.
    Any suggestions?

  5. $269 regular price at Lowe's, on sale for $159, with my 10% employee discount and added a two yr Lowe's warranty (even though Hitachi's is 5 yr, if something goes wrong I just take it back to work instead of dealing with the hassle). Out the door with an assortment of brads-$195. I've never had a problem with Hitachi or Bosch. All you DeWalt guys are missing out big time…and wasting money.

  6. Just picked one of these up recently. I needed the compressor to run a framing nailer, occasional roofing nailer, and a air stapler. It came with a 5 year warranty on the 18ga. brad nailer and a 1 year warranty on the compressor. It cost me $153.00 @ Lowes and it weighs 38 lbs., @ about 81 decibles, and 2.8 CFM @90 PSI. It has a heavy built pressure regulator and a sturdy metal frame. I've used the porter cable pancake compressor and it worked okay, but like most of my Hitachi tools this is built pretty rugged and you can see the difference compared to similar priced and sized compressors.I'd say the best bang for the buck.

  7. Does this require a “break-in” by opening the release valve and letting it run a bit? Is that something that needs to be done on all compressors?

  8. I just picked up from Lowe's this kit for $179 plus I got an additional 5% off for putting it on my Lowe's CC.
    Can't wait to check this out!

    I've had a Porter Cable pancake compressor which has always worked fine.
    Looking forward to seeing how the Hitatchi performs on the job site.

    Hitatchi is the king of pneumatics IMO. I also have the NV coil framer and that thing is just a beast!

  9. Hitachi is a beast when it comes to nailers, now i dunno about their newer nail guns, personally not the biggest fan of the new ones but the older ones are like the chuck norris of nail guns, the resell like crazy as well.

  10. pneumatic nailers are so loud. All pneumatic tools are loud. I prefer cordless. No having anything in the way that can trip you up.

  11. i was introduced to hitachi framers years ago, great guns. It would be nice to see a combo with a trim gun and crown stapler, maybe for the holidays.

  12. I beg to differ, for one of the first times on this channel. That DeWalt 20v I won on the forum, blows away any air nailer I have ever used. #tiacrew

  13. We have a few nailers in the shop but the ones that we use most are the Hitachi's. They just work very well, and they withstand the daily grind without much trouble. We also carry a drawer full of the Hitachi nails in 18ga and 16ga. Very tried and true, love Hitachi nailers #TIACREW

  14. Hitachi is known for making quality pneumatic's. I have to say they are stepping their game up lately though regarding cordless tools.

  15. The HItachi 18g nailer works great; the one I've used has been abused at HFH but never fails to perform.
    Hey guys, what's with the green screen – something planned for future vids?

  16. I still prefer cordless, but yes, there's something just awesome about a pneumatic framing nailer. As far as hitachi, they have an awesome assortment of air tools, and I really like the new impact they just came out with.


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