Harbor Freight 3 Gal Pancake Air Compressor & Accessories


I’d say every DIYer needs this $50 compressor and a few airtools like a pin or brad nailer for small woodworking projects. I show you what extras you’ll need to purchase to put your new Harbor Freight pancake compressor to work, including which connectors and hose to buy.

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  1. I just bought this for $40 at HF. Do I need to get a filter to for it to remove water and dirt? If so, do you have any recommendations? I see a lot of filters on the market have another regulator and adjustment on them. Not sure why, since this pancake compressor already comes with the adjustment regulator. Thx

  2. Can l inflate new tires that is not seated on beads yet ? I want to start replacing my own tires remove and replace.Want to be sure this can inflate new tires with zero pressure.

  3. Umm… ok, nice, but that's a pressure control valve, you don't have to turn it left or right every time you want to blow some air, you didn't explain that, it can always be left at full unless you want less air than the compressor has stored.

  4. Hey thanks for the great video. You're so positive and just refreshing to listen to. Most review videos seem to turn in to ego pride opinion how they didn't make this $50 product with $1000 worth of quality. Anyway you showed exactly what I wanted to see and it looks lovely I will purchase today so I can clean my customers condensers on their refrigerators and clear defrost water drains that seem to plug quite easily with Gunk. As of right now and the last 10 years I have been using the 25lb can of hotshot r134a with an old gauge hose that I cut the threaded fitting off one end. It actually works quite well and is a lot of pressure. It's not toxic or harmful and I'd only crack it for 2 seconds tops and man some of those 10-15 or even 20 year old subzeros that have never had the condenser cleaned can make quite the mess. Anywat done rambling off topic this will be great and like many other versatile tools I have purchased I'm sure I will find plenty of other uses. My latest the infrared thermometer gun.

  5. Looking to get one of these for my little shed for some bead blasting and some usual functions. Anyone know if this works great with the Harbor Freight media blasters?

  6. Thanks for this review. Would you say at 3 gallon (100psi) this is good for just generally blowing away dried dirt or dust off of projects, or even wood saw dust? Also, Harbor Freight has a 3 gallon hot dog shape version. Is there a difference that you know of between the two? thx

  7. Thanks so much for your video. You are exact and to the point. I just purchased this same model and follow your instructions. Once again thank you

  8. I've had mine for about 4 years not. I love it. But suddenly it is having a problem.
    It pressurizes fine, but when I turn the air pressure tool knob on, I get no pressure coming out. The dial says it is pressurized to 100psi.
    So how do I get to use it if the air can't come out of the hose? I haven't figured it out yet.

  9. I have had mine for ten plus years, NEVER a problem.
    Always there when I need it.
    Straight thru a house remodel.
    Great tool!

  10. You can paint a car, you just need an external air tank for storage. It's easy if you have the Chicago portable air tank.just remove the safety valve fitting and skew the pressure outlet line from the portable tank . The portable tank I have holds 8 lbs but there are some that holds 10 lbs. Add 8 lbs to 3 lbs is 11 lbs @ 100 lbs. To paint a car you need 20 psi at 10 lbs minimum.

  11. This is a solidly build portable compressor capable of driving a nail gun or other tools>>>ur2.pl/1018     at 2.6 cfm it won’t run a paint sprayer but it will drive pretty much anything else including my nail gun. Best of all, the price is right! I’ve used it for about a week now building an 8’x16’ shed…framing, sheathing, roof, and siding. It’s worked flawlessly. Note: when I bought it 2 weeks ago, the price was $89…it has gone up about $30 in 2 weeks…I don’t know if this is because of the steel tariffs or what

  12. i bought a 2 gallon one at lowes. it was 79.99 but it was small enough for me to carry without straining my body cause im disabled. all i need it is to clean my many computers.

  13. In the instructions it says to run with no pressure (open the drain valve and put in an open fitting) for 30 minutes before use…if you try to run it right out the box it can cause pre-mature wear without a break in and won't compress to 100psi again. (thus the bad reviews)
    I occasionally open the cover and in the molded cased that holds the crank I will put a drop or two of compressor oil in it just to lube the cylinder walls and the nylon ring of the piston
    It says it's "oilless" but a tiny dab of non-detergent light machine oil in the piston area just like in the air tools every now and again goes a LONG way in it's longevity.
    I had a coupon and got mine for $44

  14. HeyMimi DIYThere's a misconception that a really big tire needs a really big air compressor. (Re 2:30.. "eighteen wheeler') In reality, the larger the tire, the LESS psi is required. My huge rear 10" wide tractor wheelsrequire less than 5 PSI .This little pancake will satisfy all but a continuous spraying of air for whatever reason. By the way, did anyone notice the difference between the pancake and hot dog? Both have identical compressor characteristics, but the hot dog lacks the electric cord caddy brackets, the small equipment storage compartment, and water blow off valve.

  15. Thank you. I watched a few other videos but they wanted to get very technical. Your video got straight to the point.

  16. I have same thing but got mine at lowes. Love it but ready for bigger one to run grinders etc. great for grandkids basketball, bounce ball and tires. I originally got for an upholstery class. Don't forget to drain moisture out after each use.


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