German Tank Division (World War 2) – Organization & Structure – Visualization



Visualization of a German Panzer Division in 1939 according to the planned outfit for the “1. Panzer Division” (1st German Tank Division) on 1. September 1939 in contrast with the actual numbers.

(1) The number of tanks for 1939 in the 1. Panzer Division is from Jentz p. 90 (see sources).

(2) The Numbers of men is according to Müller-Hillebrand S. 163 (see sources) and Niehorster (see sources).

*Notes on accuracies*
(1) This is the „ideal/planned“ layout of German Panzer Division in World War 2 as orderd for the 1. Panzer Division. With the Kriegsstärkenachweisungen (K. St. N.) 1103 (Sd), 1194 (Sd), 1168 (Sd), 1107 (Sd), 1171 (Sd), 1175 (Sd), 1178 (Sd) from the 1st September 1939, due to the war and a general lack of tanks on the German side the division probably never reached this setup, especially since the Panzer Division got restructured again and again. From 1939 to 1941 the number of tanks in a Panzer Division decreased by almost 50 %.

(2) Furthermore, the types of armored cars represented in the video is simplified. I know there were around 90 armored cars (Niehorster link) in the division, but I could only determine the exact types and numbers for 56 of those 90. They were Sdkfz 221, Sdkfz 222, Sdkfz 223, Sdkfz 231, Sdkfz 232, Sdkfz 274, Sdkfz 260, Sdkfz 261, Sdkfz 263.


Jentz, Thomas: Panzertruppen – The Complete Guide to the Creation & Combat Employment of Germanys Tank Force 1933-1942

1st Panzer Division In accordance with the 1939/40 Mobilization Plan

This homepage is from the author of this book (series):

Battistelli, Pier Paolo: Panzer Divisions: The Blitzkrieg Years 1939-40

Battistelli, Pier Paolo: Panzer Divisions: The Eastern Front 1941-43

Müller-Hillebrand, Burkhart: Das Heer – Band 1 – 1933-1939 (S. 163: IV. Panzerdivision)

Design of the unit counters is heavily inspired by Black ICE Mod (the definitive Hearts of Iron 3 Mod)


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  1. Very straight forward although by the end of 41 the divisions will never look like that due to losses etc

  2. I think it’s important to note that panzer divisions never had 100% operational capability, especially on the Eastern Front, but then again it’s hard to gauge if you don’t have hard statistics

  3. I actually looked at an US Tank Division (1943) that the US had 16. It had more. To compite with them in 1944, the German PS. Divisions should had had in 1944 each, the following :" 180 Pz. III, 60 Pz. IV, 60 Panther, 180 Halphtrucks, 90 Armoured Cars, 72 105 mm guns, 36 155 my guns, 72 5.5 cm ATG, 36 Boxers AAG, 18 155 my AAG, and 1850 Vehicles. And Germany needed in France 18 Pz. Divisions. Look friends at video of what the US Armoured Divisions had. The Germans should had started the War in September 1942 and not in September 1939. Took the US about 5 yeras (1939 – 1943) to built. We're if the War started in 1942, say it took the US 5 years (1942 – 1946) to built. By then the Germans would have taken most of Europe ( 1942 – 1944). N. Africa 1943 – 1944) and the Middle East (1945 – 1946). We're in June 1947 the US would be ready for some type of Operation in taking UK or Landing in Marocco (N. Africa). We're the Germans would have defeated them due to having more and better equipped divisions.. Having lost there best divisions, the US would have had to come in some type of peace talks with the Germans. as I say before in many Video's I have seen, September 1942 was the best time to start the War Hitler. We're he would had had 4 years (1939 – 1942) more to equip his Divisions to full strength. As also his Air Force and Navy. He would have caught the UK and US unpreapeared. We're in June 1947, when the US would be prepared, the Germans would have better Divisions and a better strategic are (That they took) to Defend and Attack any Amphibian Assolt from the US. Mostly in Western Europe (UK, France), N. Africa (Morocco, Algeria) and Middle East ((Iran). But as long Germany and Japan do not declear war on the US and also on Russia. Japan could of attacked Pearl Harbour Pacific Fleet in December 1947. Use 9 Aircraft Carriers and 700 War Playns in 4 Air Attacks. Destroy 3/5 of all ships, damage 2/5 of all ships and destroy the oil stores to there. but best of all as many of the US Aircraft Carriers (By Air attacks or Sumbarines). Before you start a War, you must prepare and to do that you need more time. Admiral Raider told Hitler to start the War in 1942. Hitler's Generals told Hitler there Divisions needed more time to Equip (Why they were 1/3 Equiped and ready). Hitler did not listen and he lost the War. Actually the 165 Divisions (17 Pz., 11 Mot. Rifle, 6 Light) that he used to invade USSR were inafe to take all of N. Africa, all of the Middle East, Malta and all Europe. But even then needed a few more. But the problem then was, that in June 1944 the USA would be ready for an Amphibian attack. On UK and Morocco. you would say all, yes but even if the US came in in 1944 or 1947, the Germans would have defeated them. Yes but…… don't forget that the Germans would have been more Stronger then in 1947…than 1944. Why in 1944 – 1946…they would have built more War Plans (Jets), Missiles (The V1, V2) , War Ships more and Panther and Tigers. Even then the Atomic Bomb. That a longer range bomber or Missile (The V4) can carry it to USAs East Coast. So time played a big role for the Germans. It would have given them victory.

  4. Why do you say the Panzer I was not intended for combat when you've said it was in your video about how it's underrated?

  5. Panzer division and infantry division should be formed in one unit , like roman legion and napoleon's corp .

    Orthodox but proven effective,

    Till to this day the doctrines still hasn't changed,

    Panzers are panzers , troops are troops

    It's literally logistic and line of communication nightmare ,

    But prolly due to political issues like one famous general can coup a government with a legion

  6. "The remaining 5 600 …" supplies, recon, engineering, anti-tank, signaling and staff units. However i got only 4 600. Which is with those first three regiments total 12 000. However i would more interesting to know the strength of Panzer division from 1941 to 1944.


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