German 5th Panzer Division Heavy Tanks Unit Overview First Look | Steel Division II Beta Gameplay



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  1. mg42 was alot easier to use in the field bc of hot it was manufactured. while the mg34 required alot more specifical maintenance which the highly trained tank and vehicle crews could provide more. also they tended to get dirty less inside a vehicle then in a infantry unit

  2. Some random information: The Marder III uses the chassis of a Panzer 38(t) (Czech tank the Nazi's borrowed!) and the Wespe was with the chassis of a Panzer II (2).
    They do look pretty similar, but if you start counting the drive wheels in the tracks, you'll see they are a tad different.

  3. Th Pz 4 J was a late war variant that removed the electric turret drive, a return wheel on the top row, and the hull MG port. While retaining the side skirt mounts they generally didnt have any skirts. Thats why you cant find the MG Raptor. 🙂

  4. i think the bullet ammonition is a fuse shell for fighting Aircrafts and detonates when close to it. (Fragmentation)

  5. So…………… the support tab you missed the very 1st hafltrack (SDKFZ 251/9) because you started gushing about the flame HT. Come on soldier that's just sloppy.

  6. A small correction, the german pioneer squad had no anti-tank options in this deck. The Gebalt Ladung grenades they carry have high explosive power, which while it may suppress a tank, generally will not kill it. In the Normandy 44 analogue of the game they will automatically throw these grenades at enemy infantry that is close enough, as there is no manual control to throw non-smoke grenades, it can be rough to get them to toss at a tank.

    Also, please don't conflate the iG18 and grille with artillery. They are direct fire weapons, meaning they need line of sight to attack anything, while artillery fires indirectly. This is why they have different range values and should be treated very differently. The game is confusing enough for a lot of newcomers because it is a lot to take in all at once.

  7. the slots on the pack 40 75mm are painted kill rings I think the Germans used to do this on tank guns and at guns as a sign how many they killed not sure if it was one ring per kill or one-half ring per kill

  8. The defence stuff looks interesting. The lack of field fortifications always kinda bothered me a little in previous games.

  9. Yup its because of the APCR ammo on the Panther G. Thanks for the overview, I can't wait for full release!

  10. I want to see more close ups on the battle where you can visibly see the infantry and tanks just charging up into the hail of bullets


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