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And you thought business meals were uncomfortable.


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Dinner With Vader | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

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  1. Han: You
    Leia: Your girlfriend
    Vader: Your girlfriend's weird dad
    Boba: The overprotective brother
    Chewbacca: Your dog that you brought to the dinner
    Lando: Girlfriend's dad weird friend

  2. "Oh help me! What a Peaceful Planet"
    "You may Fire when ready"

  3. I wouldnt even act like i have a personality i would just eat my food quickly in a non wierd way if i had dinner with vader

  4. 0:57 even if this skit isn’t canon I would bet my limbs that Bobs Fett has probably done that before in the canon universe

  5. Imagine in Star Wars day, you go to a restaurant with friends. And that restaurant has waiters and chefs dressed up as Star Wars characters(including helmets)

  6. That moment when you realize Vader would be one of those super dorky dads who's always embarrassing his kids.


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