Create a SEAMLESS Multi Post PANORAMA for Instagram


Ever wonder how to post multiple seamless images to create one giant panorama using Instagrams multi post carousel feature? That’s a mouth full. Today were showing you how to do it using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Music: Epidemic Sound

Sony a7sII:
Sony 24-70mm f/2.8:
Sony 16-35mm f/4:
Metabones Canon EOS adapter:
Canon 5Dmk3:
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II:
Canon 50mm f/1.2 L:
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L I:
Canon 70-200mm f/4 L:
DJI Osmo:
Rode Video Micro mic:
GoPro Hero5 Black:
GoPro Hero 5 session:
DJI Phantom 4 drone:
Zhiyun Crane v 2:
Promaster CityScape backpack:


Snapchat: Chris @doleboy | Becki @beckipeckham


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  1. It's funny because I came to this video wondering how to do this, and we're both using the same subject from the same viewpoint lol

  2. The first minute of this video is (arguably) not needed. Good tutorial, but takes you a while to get into it . . .

  3. Excellent video lesson thanks! I just created three images of a panorama of Hallstatt lake. Now hope it works out on instagram later…

  4. my first and second picture keep misaligning. Im doing a five picture, and the first and the second are the only ones that have a shift in it…

  5. I’ve watched a few other videos on the same topic, found your way is the best – not only makes sense, but easier to follow. Thx!

  6. Haha 😂 you can split it without any photo editing tool ore apps! The only thing you need is Kopie the picture 1x ore 2x and than upload an slice on the row.

  7. now, is always height by width, 1350 x 2160? because when i say 4×5 I am putting the the width first, I do not know!!!

  8. Hey Becky & Chris thanks for the video, i want to make a set of 8 pictures that each one has written information in it, and i want to make them seamless panorama for graphic purposes how can i get the first layer to be divided or something like that, i hope that you answer my question soon! and thank you

  9. I get an adobe save for web unknown error when I export following the steps in this video. Any idea why? Thank you!!

  10. I'm trying to do this with an image split into 3. When I go to upload this on insta theres a significant crop… Anyone else run into this problem?

  11. made it all the way to the end. the loading bar does its thing when i save and everything. when i go to the folder there is literally nothing there

  12. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have made several things with what I learned from this. I have a question if anyone is able to help, I have made several projects similar to this with no problem. I am trying to export a project that has slices using save for web (legacy) but even though I choose Jpeg, the files end up being gifs which make them super low quality. I tried quitting photoshop and trying again and no luck. Is there another way to export slices or do you have to use save for we legacy? Does anyone know how to fix this problem/glitch? Thank you so much!

  13. 4:17 When I tried to change the width to 1350 px, I got warning saying I can only put value between 1 to 1024. Any idea?


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