CRAFTSMAN 6 Gallon Air Compressor | Tool Overview


A job’s potential is just a tool away when you have the CRAFTSMAN 6 Gallon Air Compressor. Maintenance-free and compatible with multiple products, consider this air compressor your new go-to tool. (SKU: CMEC6150)

Tool specs:
• Oil-free
• 150 MAX PSI
• Proudly made in the USA with global materials in Jackson, Tennessee

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  1. Just got one but my question is do I leave the drain open when I turn it on for the first time and do I close after it shut off before I use it that all I need to know

  2. Nice try. “With global materials” you mean made in China. If it’s not made in America with American materials, then it’s not really made in America. Come on craftsman get it together.

  3. What’s the minimum HP and SCFM, PSI requirements for furniture spray painting (Medium Frequency Usage) and some car bumper touch up sprays?

  4. How about including a air hose with it…….!!!!!! Dumbest idea, whoever thought of this deserves a throat punch. Just trying to clip customers for another $15-$25 for an air hose. Is it really that much to ask for, throw in a 25ft hose like you do the bigger compressors. Exactly how do you expect one to use this, you do realize that people don't always look at the box/boxes to see the contents, or assume that a hose is included. Only to find out when they get home, which for some could be a substantial commute, or better yet have one shipped to their home only to find they can't use it, but they can turn it on……

    Do you go and buy shoes without laces, dress shirts/button up shirts without buttons……?????? I think not.


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